Sunday, June 30, 2013

Todays cardio;=)

Hi all!

Today I did these two videos for my cardio workout and I feel dead!


Anna said...

well done dear!!!!!!

eskoplja said...

Looks very fun :D
And the music in the first background is very nice. Tomorrow, my country in entering in EU and I am really looking forward to it. Also, I am giving my portfolio for my university so I hope I will get into the second round :)
Hope you are having a nice day

Ena :*

Betty Blue said...

Ha ha, feel honoured, my dear. I even stopped Feuerschwanz to listen to the excerpt from your song xD
But it´s a bit poppy, is it not? I mean, maybe it was just the contrast between Feuerschwanz and you, but... Well. I think I like Falling more =)

Unknown said...

Skönt att känna att man lever ;) Bra jobbat!

Luuh (Lucas Pereira) said...

hey dear Anette, how are you?
So, tarja give a interview to a Peru site, and she told that she would love to meet you!

in english:
Whats your opinion about the short depature of Anette Olzon from Nightwish?
I dont have opinion, I hope she is fine. I dont know her personally, but would love to.

Gemi said...

Hi Nettie! I LOVE your voice here

You´re the best singer in the world!!
I would like to hear you soon

Best wishes! I love you!

eliete said...

Hi Anette!
I love these videos! I'll try to make these exercises. I do Jump 3x a week and I can do these cardio exercises on my free days. I'll talk to my instructor :)

Thank you.
Big Love,

Unknown said...

Betty; Hi! Thanks, I feel honored, haha! Take care!