Saturday, June 01, 2013

Wolf hour

Hi all and a happy saturday!!! 

It´s a lovely summer day here so we´re gonna go out in the city where lots of things happen today;=) Star wars is in the city, I hear, can´t miss that;=) 

This night, as many, Mio woke me up in that wolf hour, 4 o clock. He was SO happy and well, thought it was morning. Me - I didn´t think so... but luckily, in an hour or so he fell asleep again. Puih;=)

Now lots of coffee while I sit here digging Jamie Cullum loudly. Damn I love it!

Here´s an outfit from thursday:

Oh yeah, I have such exercise pain everywhere. Love it;=)

ENJOY this day!


eskoplja said...

Hi dear Nettie :)
We also have a warm day in Split. Wish you a lovely time, have fun!
And you look so lovely! I like your outfit :)

Ena :*

eskoplja said...

Sorry if I am bothering, but on which mail should we send you the message fo the wanted item? :)


Ena :*

Unknown said...

Love your rocky outfit ;-)
Enjoy first summer day!
Lots of love and hugs

Micha said...

I am happy for you that you have a sunny day.
I´ve got the feeling that it will never ever stop raining. Since days I haven´t seen the sky.

And it rained so hardly that it my car is totally wet inseide because the water came through my car roof >.>

I wanna a summer, too!

Katharina said...

Haha, exercise pain is the best pain:-). Last year, when you've been to you remember the name of the hotel you've been staying at.? We are planning a summer trip to stockholm and don-t know where to stay this time.We've been at the zinkensdam hostel as well as in the sheraton;-) but we wanna try something new this i remembered the pictures you posted from the nice hotel room, and i thought maybe i can ask you for advice:-) have a nice weekend, katharina

Robermifernes said...

Hi Anette,
it's great to hear you and Mio are fine :)
tomorrow's the 2nd of June - exactly one year ago you performed in Warsaw at Ursynalia Fetival. Do you have some memories from Poland? ;)
You got sick a little but you were awesome :) i've waited almost whole day at your hotel but you didn't appear. and I wanted so badly to meet you :(
here's one of the videos :D

cheers and kisses for u!

Photographer Leia said...

Oh! I LOVE that purse. It's hard to find a purse with large skull prints that's still classy. Very nice.

Matias D Andrea said...

the most beautiful woman in the world!!! :)

Gary said...

Hi Anette,
Hope all is well with you and family.
I don't get to read your posts the way I
used to...been busy, and for that I'm
Lots of love,

Carol Misokane said...

Hi Nettie, you look too gorgeous =).
And yeah, exercise pain is great because we know our body is starting to be used with those moviments.
My angel, I was listening to this: and I'm pretty sure there is no better version of this song than with you. You should record this in your solo album, makes me cry everytime I listen to and how I wish I were in Hartwall Arena that day =(. No one will ever sing this song better than you. Thank you so much for this =).

Love, Carol

Unknown said...

Eskoplja; Hi! I haven´t opened the shop yet, when I do I will tell you how to order the items;=)

Unknown said...

Katharina; Hi! The hotel I use to stay at is called Hotel Birger Jarl and is a really nice hotel;=) There´s also another good one, more modern called Hotel Sign, really good close to the central station if you take the Arlanda Express from the airport.

Katharina said...

Thats cool! Thank you very much and have a great sunday! Katharina

Unknown said...

didn't you say if you want pancakes in the middle of the night you'll have them? maybe Mio wants pancakes at 4am lol
my dog, Gizmo, used to wake me up at 5am. At the time I was at college. So I'd sort him out, grab coffee and put him next to me in my chair while i did college work on my pc. in 5 mins he was upside down asleep. then at college i'd have another coffee and a cigarette (i quit a year later when my gran died). so when class started i was more alert than the tutor! Gizmo won't do that with me now but when he's scared he'll come to me and not my parents (who've spent more time with him).