Sunday, June 30, 2013

Todays cardio;=)

Hi all!

Today I did these two videos for my cardio workout and I feel dead!

Friday, June 28, 2013

To all you people in Finland

Go see Rammstein on saturday!!! My God! I have seen videos in you tube from Bråvalla Festival in Norrköping here in Sweden where they played yesterday and it looked amazing! The stage was just sooo cool and well, I just love them! So, go see them in Helsinki on saturday at Rock the Beach festival!! They got 4/5 in our biggest newspaper.

Here´s some videos from Bråvalla:

Pimp your garden

If you have a garden and want to add a little sparkle and luxury to those boring things, why not get these water hoses and garbage can foil?;=)

My healthy and yummie bread recipe;=)

So good morning and a HAPPY friday to you all!

I  didn´t have a single nightmare! Wow! I guess it was my little love video that kept them away...haha!

Here´s the recipe for my yummie bread I promised, hope you´ll like it;=)


2 dl oat meal
5 dl spelt
2 teaspoons of bicarbonate
1 pinch of sea salt
3 table spoons of honey
4 dl low fat natural yoghurt
1 dl chopped walnuts
1 dl grated apple
1 dl grated carrots

How to do it:
Put the oven on 200 degrees, Mix everything in your Kitchen aid or with another kitchen helper. Place a baking paper in a bread form, place the paste into it and pour some pumpkin seeds on top before placing it in the oven and bake for appr. 42-60 min. (I have mine in my oven for 42 minutes exactly but this varies between ovens)


Thursday, June 27, 2013

If I were 12 today... my younger life in this time of age, the internet age and with all the possibilites, I would just sit by the computer and play around with videos like this one:

BUT since I am old, wise and boring, I don´t do that! Oh no....;=)

Sleep well!!

20 minutes...

...was the time it took me to write down my morning lyrics after the nightmare night...

So now I´m all up for and ready if Mr Nightmare comes tonight again;=) More songs will be created then!

The song I wrote today will be recorded on sunday and I´m longing already!

Tomorrow I´ll try and find some time to blog my wonderful bread recipe that I refined today and NOW Johan and me agreed that it´s a masterpiece;=)

AND today Mio has turned 3 months and I sang a little song for him this morning. 

Here it is!

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Oh, and my blood pressure is perfect! 130/82 and a pulse of 57. The nurse also said I look SO young! I thanked and embraced that and did little "hoppsa-steps" when leaving the building. Here you can see what a hoppsa-step is:

With that I bid you all, my dear ones, a good night!


Hi all,

Damn, this week has been filled with just nightmares every single night. Not so fun but I use them to write more lyrics to record on sunday when I go to the studio again;=) So, yeah, I guess I should thank them instead of hating my bad dreams, hehe! Always see something "good" coming out of the darkness. 

It´s summer here in Sweden but well, it doesn´t feel like summer anymore. It´s a typical Swedish summer with rain, rain, rain and more rain and cooler temperatures. It´s kinda boring but at least it gives me and excuse to sit and write music and bake. Again, see something "good" in the "bad";=)

Today mum is coming to look after my little ones for a short time due to me going for a check up of my blood pressure at the nurse. Every pregnancy I´ve gotten a high blood pressure and this stays for some months and last time it was still high so then I need to check it a couple of times to see if I need some medicine for it. After Seth I had to eat medicine for 6 months, with Nemo none and now let´s hope it has gone down and is normal. Fingers crossed!

Now- weight exercise for the arms and then mum will be here;=) Nemo is longing for his "na-na";=)

ENJOY this day and see "good" things around you;=)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


When I´m not so active in here you always get small updates in my Instagram, now also with short videos;=)
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