Friday, June 14, 2013

Navy seal workout

So, just finished todays workout and I´m sweaty and up as always! Todays workout is hard but GOOD and is inspired by how Navy seals workout=) Of course I want to be strong as a navy seal guy so I did this whole routine 4 times which is the whole video and then once more the whole video.

Got get´em!!!;=)


Unknown said...

Anette ... Thank you for your kindness! Even though I do not have any of your items, I already feel extremely happy for your love and care! I try to buy something ... get one of these things would be like if you could make me a visit for tea with cakes ... I dream about it? (laughs happily) Brazil sends you hugs!

Beatrix said...

Thanls for the many workout recommendations. It's really inspiring! :)
I wonder though how you can manage the kids, your outfits, the workouts, the music writing, the household chores.. all alone and still looking relaxed! You are a supermum!! You must have outstanding time management skills!

Have a nice evening! Kisses for you and the boyz from Hungary.