Sunday, June 16, 2013


Hi all and a very happy sunday!!

Last night was not the best one for me. A stormy night and Mio has kept me awake most of the night so at 6 when we went up I felt rather smudged.. but, but - soon exercise and then after lunch I head to the studio again! Fun!!

The song we did some days ago doesn´t feel like a keeper. It´s to weird so we move on today with the other songs so now I´m sitting listening and choosing. And also writing lyrics for a new one. It´s great to have so much to choose from!;=)

Here´s my outfit from friday - leopard and easy-going;=)

  Leopard pants H&M

Tee from Custommmade -love the cute heart in  the neck;=)

And didn´t remember to take a proper one from yesterday but here´s one when holding Mio;=) Leopard dress and knit from Gina Tricot
(and sorry for the bad posing, carrying a baby makes me pout my belly and crunch my back;=)

Enjoy this day now!!


Anonymous said...

Good morning Anette! :-)

I've been up all night too as my night duty continues :-) I must admit I rather like nights and I'm working them this coming week then I don't know what I'm on after that as the new rota has not being put out yet :-) I don't really want to go back onto days as there is so much nonsense I can't be doing with :-)

Apart from raining once it wasn't stormy as it was where you are in Helsingborg :-)

Every few hours we go through the entire ward to check the patients are ok. While doing this I was in one of the bays at 4am, it's dark, and all of a sudden I turn around and there is this guy stood outside looking through the bay window! :-) It frightened the shit out of me! :-) He asked me to open the window, I would'nt, so I asked him what he wanted and he said he'd just being assaulted along with his two friends, who were both stood at the over side of the grass, and wanted to know if the hospital had an Accident and Emergency Department :-)

All the best for the studio this afternoon Anette! Creativity is interesting and so much fun! :-)

Have a nice day Anette! :-)

Dalma said...

So there are songs you don't choose... Is there any chance that someday we can listen to them or at least read the lyrics? Or you put them away and will never show anyone? I'd be interested in any of your songs even in the ones you drop.

I strongly hope it was not the metal-kind song that you threw away.

Good luck on writing songs,

Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !!
Have a good recording this afternoon !! I'm impatiente to listen !!
You look very tired yes !!
I wish you a Happy Fathers Day for Johan :) !
Have a wonderfull day !!
With love
Kisses & Hugs

July said...

Hey Anette!

Each time that I see your pics you look better than before! that exercises are incredible and well you have a great taste for fashion so you look so beautiful!

Have a great day and enjoy every moment! =)

Philippa said...

I have the same leopard pants from H&M. They're very nice and comfy aren't they? :)