Sunday, March 31, 2013

All is well...

...but those of you who have gotten babies know that there´s not much time for anything more than taking care of the little one the first weeks and so is the case here too.

We are getting to know each other and Mio is just a lovely little person. He sleeps a lot and no wonder, being just 5 days old. He wants to lie on me all the time, night and day and it´s like it were with my two other son´s - he is my boss now;=)

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Some have asked about his name and where it comes from and most of the guesses have been correct. It comes from Astrid Lindgren´s book "Mio min Mio" in English called "Mio, my son". Here´s a link to Wikipedia if you want to read more:

I have always loved the song Mio min Mio, listen here:

We have had visitors the whole weekend but only the closest family. 

I am ok after the surgery but lost a lot of blood so a bit tired and of course still a lot of pain. But I hope I can take us out for a short stroll with the pram tomorrow. But it all depends on how much sleep I get. Mio is, like he was in my belly, a night owl...;=)

So, a little update and I hope you understand that updates will be much less for some time now, but I do put some photos in my Instagram every day.

Finally - a BIG thanks to all of you for all congratulations in Instagram, in here and of course to my dear family and friends for lovely gifts and congrats! 

Love and hugs and sleep well dear ones!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Our son Mio is here;=)

Hi all,

For those of you who haven´t got INSTAGRAM, might not have seen the news yet, but yesterday morning at 10.19 mine and Johan´s son named MIO was born;=)

4115 gram and 54 cm tall and so perfect;=)

Everything went ok and me and Mio are still at the hospital but Johan went home to be with Nemo tonight. Nemo met Mio tonight and he was so nice to him, giving him his pacifier, so he seem to be happy to meet Mio finally.

I am aiming to go home tomorrow but let´s see how we both feel. I had a big surgery so need to take it a bit easy but I am up and feeling ok.

Here´s some photos from our INSTAGRAM if you haven´t seen them:

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The day before...

So, today is the DAY before the DAY;=)

And I thought I´d share with you how things are done when going through a planned c-section, if someone out there have to do the same one day. My 2 other pregnancies have ended in a so called emergency c-sections, which means they haven´t been able to come out and therefore this time, I will get a planned c-section.

So, today I went up at 11 to the hospital and started with them taking blood tests, weight, urine tests and so on. Then they connected me with what they call a "CTG" machine that measures the babies heart rate and my eventual contractions. Normally you lie with this for about 20-30 minutes to get a good value. Since the baby was a  bit stressed when I came up due to me having high blood pressure, the first value was a bit stressful and they did another one a little bit later, where he/she was calmer again;=)

Then the doctor who will do my surgery came and we talked about how I feel, if I have some concerns, worries and so on and it felt nice to see who will be in charge tomorrow. It´s a woman and I told her to sleep early and no alcohol tonight and she promised to keep away from that;=) haha! 

Then I ate some lunch while waiting for the pre-operation staff to come back from lunch and then I met a nurse there and we talked about my former surgeries and c-sections and so on before I met the anestethic doctor to discuss what kind of anaestesia they will use and it will be a spinal in the lower back as the last time. This means I don´t feel anything from my chest down and it normally goes away in about an hour after the surgery. I am also awake the whole time and they put up a curtain between me and my belly so I can´t see anything but hear the baby scream and so on. 

After this was done I went back up to the midwife and getting some stuff I need to wash myself in both tonight and tomorrow and a stomach neutralizing pill to take at 20 tonight. 
AND we need to be at the hospital at 6.45 tomorrow so it will be an early wake-up...puh!

So, that´s what they´ve done today and it feels good that we can sleep at home. Mum and her husband just left after picking up our little Nemo who will stay with them until Johan can go home and take care of him. Nornally, the father stays first night to help out and then he can go home so that´s the plan.

I went and did some last minute errands and I found a new cool shower curtain with a leopard on it so now it hangs in the bath room:

Love it;=)

Also got some more baby clothes;=)

And since Nemo is going to be at mum´s and having a baby I got him some new coloring books, crayons and a story book to bring to grandma´s house, but forgot to take photos of them;=(

Last but not least today - the very last pregnancy outfit!!! 

And yeah, had to go the piercing studio to exchange my piercings to plastics, due to the surgery:

And belly 40 weeks tomorrow and time to come out, little one;=) And he/she had turned so head is down and ready, which feels good to know!

Now - ENJOY your evening and please, send me all your prayers and good and happy thoughts tomorrow morning, I sure need them!
I went to my church to light a candle and pray and it always feels so much better after doing that!

Love and hugs!

And someone asked me...

...where to find the lovely paintings I posted yesterday and the deer and the owl is found at 

The butterfly paintings are found at Desenio:

The cool queen and king and the elephant is found at


So, good morning dear ones;=) 

I hope you slept really good and are having a nice blue sky and SUN as I have here in Helsingborg;=)

One blog reader wrote yesterday that she wanted me to write more about my music activities and stuff instead of just IKEA and so on. Well, like I answered her, there´s not much music plans going on at the moment, since I am having a baby, and for those who haven´t been pregnant, let me say that the last weeks of being it is a period where the mother normally "sets her nest".

Which means nesting for the baby, such as getting new shelfs, new furniture, new lamps, new pillows, cleaning frantically and well, you get the idea;=)

So today I am continuing and now it´s time to get some new pillows!!! haha! 
Here we go:


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