Monday, March 25, 2013

Art for the kitchen

Hi all,

So, today Johan put up our new String copper shelf in our kitchen and then my NW awards need to come down so some new art is needed for the walls.

Here´s a photo from my Instagram on the shelf:

I have found some stuff I think would fit. Here´s the shelf and next to it I am thinking of placing one of these. Which one do you think?

Alt 1: The king and queen

Alt 2:
Dynamite Jack

For the big wall coming after this part I´m thinking of these two:

Or these two:


Aries said...

I like Alt 2: Dynamite Jack and the second option with the deer and owl water colors.

eskoplja said...

I really like "The king and Queen" and the deer and owl in watercolors :)
Have a lovely evening

Ena :*

Anna said...

Mmmmmm...I like the owl and "today is a great day",also "dont worry...." very cute too

Nalon said...

Hello Anette,

I love the words with the Butterflies. It look so colourful for the coming Spring (with little baby:D)

*whisper* Raffles you may receive the awards? *whisper*

And: "All new things make the spring (with cold Wind)."

Enjoy the day.


Betty Blue said...

I like the deer in water colours... It´s great. And this king-and-queen-thing, too, is really cool! I think the owl is a bit frightening... Dunno why. Maybe it´s because in my grandparents´ house there are a lot of owl-pictures, and it´s not the most friendly place xD
I hope you had a nice day! I certainly had, we went to Hanover with the whole family to buy new clothes. It doesn´t happen often that Dad joins us on this trips, but everytime when he does he buys me new scene clothes and says "You don´t need this, but you look so good in it! It´ll give you another four or so free drinks next weekend, I tell you." Well, I certainly won´t complain ^^ But it´s just lovely to do something with the whole family when all are in a good mood ;-)
Have a good evening!
Love, Betty

Lilys-Garden said...

I prefer the butterflys!! Amazing pictures. Where do you get those pictures?

XxBriannaxX said...

Honestly i dont blame you for wanting to take the Nightwish stuff down,if I wanted to forget about something I didnt want to remember,I wouldnt want a constant reminder always being there. I sense a vibe from you that they really just didnt treat you right. I may be wrong,but that is just how I see it. So its good to get an unhappy thing out of your home,im sure it will make you feel even better. I wish Nighwish the best with Floor and everything,but they will never realize the amazing woman that they lost. You deserve to be treated so much better because you are such an amazing woman. And definitely one of the strongest women i've ever known.You've shown me that. Keep fighting on,and stay strong,because no matter who turns there back on you,you have your wonderful family,friends,and us fans to be here.
Big hugs and lots of love to you.

Anonymous said...

If I had to choose I'd pick Alt 2: Dynamite Jack. And the deer and owl water colours.

Though the final decision rests with you Anette :-)

I'd just like to say that I've seen the photo of Nemo trying to give his teddy to your baby :-) I don't know how old Nemo is ( I'm thinking 2 or 3 ) but I think it's remarkable for such a young child of Nemo's age to do something like that :-) Such a beautiful/kind gesture from someone so young who's barely started life :-) I don't have any children but I'm thinking that there are not many kids of Nemo's age who would do something like that :-) I think it's a good sign of how he's going to turn out! :-) He must get this kind character trait from his parents! :-)

Have a good evening Anette! :-)

Anette Olzon Brasil said...

hi again.
well, I have to disagree.
you will throw them away? Please do not do it. =\

Anonymous said...

Dynamite Jack is pretty cool. Very pop art type of piece. The butterflies with the quotes or sayings are cute, and so are the owl and deer watercolours.

Unknown said...

Brianna; thanks so much, you understand me quite well;=) Sleep well now and hugs!

Katy Marie said...

Haha, I love the king and queen. Get them both!

And you deserve those awards! You certainly don't have to look at them every day, but be very proud of how much you have accomplished with your singing talent :)

Anonymous said...

Hello dear,

Probably because I have a fascination for the deers, I would suggest the deer watercolor but also the butterflies and their beautiful thoughts!! :)

I don't write here a lot but I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very nice and quick delivery this week and I wish for you, your family and your pretty little newborn much love, happiness and joy!!!

Luv ya dear Annette and take good care of you for the last miles until the delivery!!!

Warm thoughts from Montreal! ♥ Sophie

Anonymous said...

I love the last two groups.

ArenaSkies said...

Are you getting rid of the awards for good? If so, why?? Those years were part of your life. You should be proud of that no matter how it ended.

Unknown said...

Arenaskies; Nope, I am not;=) Just taking them to the storage instead of having them hanging around our home. Take care!

Sophie;: Hi! Thanks, I love the deer and the owl too so I might order them today;=) And thanks, tomorrow is the BIG day and I would LIE if I said I am not totally nervous;=) Take good care now!

Aikaterine; Hi and thanks;=) Of course I am proud of what I have done and they will always be memories but maybe they dont have to hang around my home anymore;=)

AnetteOlzongallery: Of course I wont throw them away;=) They will be in my storage safe and sound!

Tom; Hi and thanks;=) Nemo is now 2.5 years old and kids are really amazing when it comes to understanding and learning. About the baby, he is so exciting and kissing the belly all the time and stuff like that. So he will be a nice big brother, I am sure;=) Take care!

Lilysgarden: Hi! You can find them here:

Betty; Haha, I like your dad;=) And so happy you had a wonderful day over there! Lots of hugs!

Nalon; Thanks, I love both those and the deer and owl so will be a hard decision;=)

Anna:; Thanks, me too=)

Ena; Thanks, I actually am thinking the same and maybe those will be ordered today;=)