Sunday, July 26, 2015

Second week of BFL done

So, second week of my BODY FOR LIFE challenge and this week has been great with good exercises despite work, good food and feeling so much better and stronger and happier!

Food is essence for our body and we need to fuel it regularly BUT with good stuff! 

Some of my foods this week:

Tuna with eggs, salted cucumber, onions and fat free sour cream on gluten free dark toasted bread

Brown rice with bolognese and tomatoes

Tuna wrap in gluten free tortilla bread

Casein pudding with strawberries

Overnight oats with gluten free oats, fat free quark, almond milk, Matters vanilla protein powder and strawberries 

Reindeer meat with onions, mushrooms and fried cauliflower

And treated myself with a diet-friendly mug cake=) 

And my all time favourite breakfast oats, here with fresh apple, cinnamon and milk

 The protein powder I use are all so clean from MATTERS and I use vanilla and chocolate and drink chocolate with unsweetend almond milk in between meals and the vanilla powder I use in my morning oats.
I also take extra OMEGA oil capsuls and Minerals from PURE PHARMA 

And I use my exercising diary from FITNESSGURU to plan my exercises and write down how I feel, what weights I use and so on to see the progress and keep on track. Planning is everything!

Saturday, July 18, 2015


Hi all and sorry for the bad blogging but I am in my intense summer work period which will last the remaining summer and the days I am not working we do things with the family since the boys now all have vacation=) 

But I will of course blog now and then and otherwise follow me in instagram=)

So, for those of you who want to follow my diet and Body for life challenge I´ve instagrammed about I promised to write down about this and here´s some of what I´ve been eating and exercising this first week.

If you´ve never heard of Body for Life, go check their web page:
to read more and maybe do a challenge yourselves? I promise it works since I´ve done this before, like before Nightwish where I was really in great shape!

So why do I do this diet? Well, its for many reasons but the most important one is that I´ve been eating to little for some time due to stress and that has made me tired, without energy, sad, feeling low and also not being able to be my normal happy person. 

So now I do this to get back in a happier mode, a stronger body and a healthier person again.

So I eat 6 meals a day, small ones during the day and the food list u can find at and I don't eat gluten. I have one day that is my eating day, or a free day so to say where I can eat whatever I want and how much I want. Candy, cookies, good food or wine you decide yourself.

I also exercise 6 days a week and every second day its 20 minutes of interval cardio exercise and the other 3 weight exercise. To read more about how to perform this go to the website:

the key to success in this program that lasts for 3 months (or longer) is to plan everything ahead. Prepare meals, do lunch boxes for work and so on and plan every exercise ahead and for this I use a book from Fitnessguru where I write down and plan everything ahead and also write down all weights I use so I can make progress and see how I am moving forward.

Here´s some of my meals this week for inspiration:

Salmon, brown rice, spinach and sweet and sour sauce 

Baked potato, cottage cheese, chunky salsa, beef and veggies

One of my favourite evening meals before bedtime is casein pudding with berries. I use chocolate the most and get mine from MMsports.

Glutenfree tortilla bread, cottages cheese, beef and veggies

Another great snack at work or at home is cottage cheese and berries

Almost the same but minced meat instead

For work brown rice, minced meat and veggies and salsa

Casein pudding again but not pina colada taste=)

Also a great snack in between is gluten free hard dark bread with cottage cheese and some spices on top

Favourite breakfast is either overnight oats if I work early shift or this: oats, protein powder vanilla taste from MATTERS with berries, milk and stevia

Or like here with strawberries

I workout mostly at FNF4LIFE where I do cardio in form of spinning and then weights in the gym as well as some crossfit exercises. I also work out at home and then I use tabata and my jump rope and other jumps.

I´ll tell more about the progress but now u know some more and read more in Bodyforlife of course=) And I am not endorsed by them, but I know it works!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Red soles make the world go ´round

Today I went to the crematorium here in Helsinborg to take my photos and this is a lovely spot. Calm, peaceful and even if its a place for memorials it has a light feeling to it and lies beautifully in the forest.

Taking my Loubotin shoes for a walk in the high grass felt good and perfect for a lovely friday.

Shoes Christian Louboutin

Bag from PRADA (on sale in my store

Top Dolce & Gabbana

Jeans Dsquared2

Lip gloss Make up store

Sunglasses from MYKITA and Bernhard Willhelm

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Going to the church

Yesterday taking these outfit photos were not the easiest since I were in the middle of a storm with rain that stood sideways=) 

Photos are taken by Pålsjö church here in Helsingborg, a lovely place to take photos!

Shoes from VALENTINO

Dress from H&M, necklace heritage from my grandmother

Denim jacket from DIESEL with modification by me with the swarowski cross in the back

Bag from LINDEX

Bracelet my own design

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

My favorites in the bathroom

These are my bathroom favorites at the moment

Cleansing gel from LUMENE

Forever facial water from YSL

Volume powder for my hair from KÉRASTASE

Uni-sex perfume from D&G

Sunday, July 05, 2015

A lovely summer day by the beach

Oh the weather here now has been so wonderful, mediterranean weather=) Love it! Only downside is when I work these evenings, cause its damn hot to lift the elderly up an down and so on but hey, I do NOT complain cause I love sun and the ocean as you can see from the photos=)

Me and Nemo had a little water fight with splashing each other with water with our feet and you can see who had the most fun, right? he he, never stop being a child in heart!

The beach we visited are the best for kids, not deep at all, you can walk so far out with only water to the knees and clear water. its called FARHULT and is in a bay. Tip of the day if you visit our region=)

Bikini top from H&M and the bikini pant from Stadium, bought last year.

Mio loved it too of course=)