Friday, August 30, 2013

Fitness brownies;=)

Hi all and a very HAPPY FRIDAY!

So, yesterday I baked some fitness brownies and here´s the recipe if you wanna try them:

First mix oats in a blender to smaller pieces. Then add 1,5 scoop of protein powder. I used Casein with chocolate taste but any powder is ok;=) Then add 1 tablespoon of cacao, 2 tablespoons of Stevia or other sugar substitute and 2 teaspoons of baking powder. 
Mix together 1/2 a banana with 1 tablespoon of natural crunchy peanut butter and 1 dl of almond milk or soy milk.
Then add the dry ingredients to the wet ones and mix together. Put in a form that has baking paper in it. 
Put into the oven at 175 degrees for appr. 10-15 minutes.

Take equal quantity of light philadelphia cheese and low fat quark. Mix together with vanilla powder (not vanilla sugar) and stevia or other sweetener.

When the cake has cooled off, cut into little cookies and add the frosting on top. Put in the fridge for a while before eating;=)


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Got us a new chair;=)

I got a new chair for our home and today Johan picked it up at the furniture store with the beautiful and suitable name: MIO;=) 

The chair is so nice and can be pushed back all the way down to a lying position so I can sit and sleep with Mio in my arms while nursing. Great!;=)

Here´s my new "sheep" chair member! Called Wellness and it does feel like pure wellness sitting here now;=)


I just bit half of my tooth off...doesn´t hurt but damn, now I have to go visit the dentist tomorrow. One of the things in life I really HATE;=(

Please think of me tomorrow at 9 in the morning when I will cry and sweat lying in that damn chair with the horrible bright light in my head...

I will need to think about happy thoughts, just like Peter Pan to cope;=)

Love life! (ehum...haha!)


Here´s a nice article from finnish ILTALEHTI about Tarja and me;=)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

THANKS dear Tarja...

...for your kind words that warm my heart and show me what a wonderful person you are and I hope we meet soon in person:-)

all luck to you with such an amazing album! You´ve done a fantastic job!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last days outfits;=)

Hi all,

Had a productive day in the studio and now I´m tired;=) But here´s my last days outfits before I head for my bed! Sleep well;=)

Easy jeans day: Jeans from Please, cardigan H&M, nursing top H&M, sneakers ASH, necklace Dyrberg & Kern, sun glasses H&M and bag LV

Leopard day: leopard pants H&M, black cardigan Gina Tricot, black nursing top H&M, belt Gina Tricot, bracelet Akira Chicago and shoes Novita

Necklace Gina Tricot:

And studio outfit today: black top Whyred, black peplum jacket Gina Tricot, asymmetric shorts Zara, boots Mexicana

For moving videos, check my INSTAGRAM:=)

Saturday, August 24, 2013


...I am heading to the studio to record lead vocals and harmonies for a song that might be a first single.

I have missed the studio so I am longing to go! Vacation mode is over and time to get busy again!

Today I am going to Zara to get some lovely stuff I´ve seen a few days ago. Black mainly cause black is my favourite color;=)

And yesterday I dyed my hair ends a bit more and this time I mixed violet together with Flamingo Pink and it turned out perfect!

Love to you all and have a wonderful saturday!!

I am sitting listening to a great album....

...together with my morning coffee and the album is:

....Tarja´s new album "Colours in the dark". 

I can say that if you like Tarja, go and get this album on august 30th. It´s really her best album so far, even if I like them all, but she has definitely found her own style and this album is really great! I especially like the beautiful choirs and her voice is just perfect in all the songs and the guitar sound is great! 

Read more here about the album and release date and where to buy it:

ENJOY this saturday!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Crazy leopard

Hi all,

Yesterday I had this crazy leopard outfit on;=) 

Converse shoes, leopard skirt Malene Birger, oversized t-shirt Acne, necklace Dyrberg & Kern and hair pin Gina Tricot:

Pick of the day;=)

Happy Friday!!

Here´s my pick of today. I love this outfit, perfect for autumn;=)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Outfit of the day;=)

Finally some inspiration for outfits in the blog again!

Today a rocky style with top from Religion, leather pants Prada, boots Mexicana, sunglasses Mykita, bracelet Zebra

HAVE FUN today!!! Embrace life;=)


When everyone else has started their jobs again and kids has started school, Johan has his vacation. So we´re enjoying the lovely late summer days together and tomorrow we´re heading out for a road trip for some days in Sweden. We´re gonna visit my sisters summer house and also stay two days in Kolmården. Haven´t been there for years so I´m so longing to see all the new things they have and watch their famous dolphin show!!

Here you can read more about Kolmården:

I really enjoy the late summer and are looking forward to the autumn and most of all I look forward to the nice walks in the forest, buying autumn clothes and light candles every day again;=) I do not long for winter but autumn is my thing!

ENJOY this day now!

Monday, August 19, 2013

My new hair color;=)

Hi all,

I´ve ben busy but here´s some photos of my new hair color: dark with dip dye purple;=)

And here´s how it looks under my spotlight in the bathroom;=)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

From our newspaper

Me and Johan were asked if we wanted to participate in an article in our local magazine Helsingborg´s Dagblad before our wedding, talking about why we chose the wedding music we did.

Here´s the article for you and here´s the translation of what we said in the article:

"Sweet music arises when we get married"

Text underneath the photo above: Organ is a wonderful instrument, says Anette Olsson who is getting married to Johan Husgafvel. Both are musicians.

The wedding. The day when you have the chance to decide and design everything. But what kind of music will it be? We have met two wedding couples who has chosen totally different music. 
The whole majestic Maria church in Helsingborg is filled with mighty tones from the big organ when organ player Mats Hultkvist are playing different versions of Beethoven´s Ode to joy. The couple, Anette Olsson and Johan Husgafvel are getting married and are meeting the organist of the church to hear how it will sound.
- Live music is really important since we both are musicians, says Anette Olsson.
She has for several years been the singer of the band Nightwish who plays symphonic metal and are now going for her solo career. Partner Johan Husgafvel is the bass player in the industrial metal band Pain.
They have chosen Ode to Joy from Beethoven´s ninth symphony as exit music. Totally different from what the couple are working with in their normal jobs.
- So I start where people recognize the melody and play that a couple of times. That sounds more "meaty", says Mats Hultkvist.
- Perfect. So we have time to hear some of it. Otherwise we´ll already be outside, says Anette Olsson.
As entry music, they´ve chosen Mendelssohn´s famous wedding march from A midsummers´dream
- Mendelssohn is typical wedding music and really lovely. Everything Beethoven has done is amazing, so it was an obvious choice for our exit music. If you get married in church it´s better to do it according to the church´s ways and respect that. Otherwise it´s better to go to Las Vegas, says Anette Olsson.
- If you´re going to be in this place it should be organ so it feels like a wedding, says Johan Husgafvel.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Music for a rainy saturday;=)

Hi all,

Today it´s a rainy saturday but no need to be gloomy - just listen to some great music! I´m going to buy myself some nice autumn clothes and light lots of candles and watch a movie later on. Maybe do a nice jogging trip in the afternoon;=) Life is good!

Here´s my rainy day playlist!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Some more wedding photos;=)

Hi all,

Got all the lovely photos from Annicka today and here´s some more so you can see the dress better;=)

Remember; copyright Annicka photography. Please state that if you use the photos.

The dress is made according to my measurements and I ordered it from this site Dreamprom. Great site, great prices and great dress! I had a petticoat underneath and then my dress, a hair band we bought from a sewery store, a flower brosch and the veil. I loved my dress and it was "huge"!

The flower in the front had some green in it.

My veil and my boots with stars from Mexicana. I didn´t want high heels and these were just so awesome!

My veil was in cathedral length and here you see it closer:

My dear BFF Linda made my hair and make up so beautiful! We put in extensions from RAPUNZEL 50 cm long in the color 10. Linda made a braid from my forehead on one side and down, then fastened the hair band with the flower and the veil underneath. 

My necklace was from Marni

Well, I had to do some fun gestures of course;=)

Our rings were carried by my eldest son Seth on this ring pillow

 Here you see us in the big Maria church (Mariakyrkan) next to where we live:
My dress were long and floated so nicely on the floor.

Me in the church. Ear rings were skulls;=)

Love the candelabra:

And then some more photos of us afterwards:


Hmmm... don´t know what Johan is looking at here below;=)

Annicka wanted us to do this "obscene" gesture and well, we had to oblige her, of course;=) 
Rock on dear ones;=)