Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Oh yeah, time for music;=) I´ve been singing a lot of gospel when I was in my 20s and this is not my gospel choir but an old recording of me and my mum and husbands choir I sang in before NW. I would love to do a concert tour in old churches together with a choir and sing gospel one day. A dream for me;=)



Unknown said...

Anette, you have an angelic voice! Thanks for great video!

fstorm said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

Océane said...

I listen this music since years now! I love it SO MUCH!!
And it would be amazing if you realise that dream!

Love & Hugs

Vinga said...

Hi my dear,
Great music :) I'm waiting for your new album :) How do you feel? Here in Poland are 43 degrees now! Ohhh God!

Today I was on your old blog and I read some old posts, can you tell me, do you missing touring, gigs and this all confusion? How you remember this days in light of "recent events"?
We really waiting for you on stage, and I also hope that you come to Poland. ;)

Have a nice day sweethart
Hugs and Kisses for you and your family :*

eskoplja said...

That song always brings tears into my eyes :')
Your voice is truly angellic ♥
And if you do a tour, I will be the first in line :)
Big hugs to you and the boys

Ena :*

Farandra said...

Really nice song !

Unknown said...

Just amazing, dear Anette!!
It's very beautiful :))
Thank you very much!

Have a wonderful day and best wishes to your family ^.^///


Marianne said...

Thank you for sharing that song Anette. If you have any other gospel recordings, I'd love to hear it! Your talent is something that some of us only wish we had. I enjoying following your blog and coming to such a positive environment. I am looking forward to seeing why lies ahead musically in the future for you. Many blessings to you and your family.

Unknown said...

That was beautiful, thank you!

Taaja said...

I always liked this song when I heard it for the first time via one of your biggest fan pages.. :)

MusicOfTheNight said...

Anette, it's beautiful, and your voice is lovely! Listen, I just watched your vocal warm-ups and it helped me so much! Really, I didn't know about the massage, a bit weird in the beginning, but it takes off the tension, you are right!
So a BIG THANK YOU! And hope this dream of yours would come true.
Best of luck to you and your family! :-)

Niwi said...

Omg I just love your voice!
Keep singing, that's an amazing gift you made to the earth.
Miss your voice very, very much so it hurts!

A big big hug
Have a nice day, Anette :)


Unknown said...

I love this song and Anette you make it sound like it came from the heavens above <3 I would love you to come to my church an sing but I am all the way in a small town of Illinois, USA. I hope to hear some more gospel from you. You are talented in all areas of your life that you touch <3