Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last day for this summer

Today was my last day for this summer at my dear summer job and it´s been a great summer once again there=) I love working with the elderly and ill people and I learn so much for my coming job as a nurse being there so I am so grateful to have this job.

Tomorrow it´s time for school and I´m also starting at the hospital in the coming weeks and I´m thrilled and excited to learn more!

Learning is fun even if its also so hard and the older I get the harder it gets but "to move mountains" by getting over hard things are what life is about.

I learn in my job every day to cherish the days we walk here, the days we are healthy and able to live without illness and pain and most important is that FAMILY and LOVED ONES are more important than status, things and living a life where we are not happy.

When it all ends - was it all worth it?
Did you do what you loved or only what you hated?
Did you listen to your HEART or only your HEAD?

Serious things to think about - we only get this life - so live it as YOU want it to be.

Street favorites

One thing I love to wear is jeans and to team that up with a nice white shirt is just so effortless and perfect to any day. To make it more fun I add some leo (of course) and a pair of shoes in the print or a coat is perfect to make it less ordinary.

High waisted jeans are perfect for me now and I love that these ones from WON HUNDRED are soft in the cotton. No tight linings here=)

Jeans WONHUNDRED, shirt LINDEX, coat GINA TRICOT, shoes GUCCI, bag LINDEX, sunglasses H&M

Friday, August 28, 2015

Military green

I just love green colors and to match a military trench with these emerald green pants make me happy=)

My shoes from ZARA are amazing and the heel is of course what gets all of the attention!

Bag from LOUIS VUITTON, shoes and jacket from ZARA, tshirt H&M, pants GESTUZ

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

An ordinary day

Easy outfit while running around making lots of important errands today, jeans are my favorite thing to wear any day and today I chose bootcut that are so comfy and look great with a boot with a special heel like mine today

Boots from ZARA, jeans from HUNKY DORY, top from RIKA STUDIOS and bag from H&M TREND

From the depth of my heart...

I wanna sa THANK YOU to ALL of you for comments in here, in my instagram and even private e-mails regarding my last blog post.

Its always so SAD when someone looses the LOVE for something they have loved doing all their life. If its music, painting or whatever. And the worst and hardest part is always to be able to acknowledge these feelings and accept them.

For me, its not something I cry over anymore. I have cried enough the last years. I have been really depressed, people around me have said I CANT stop singing, to keep fighting and so on but I have felt that even before the last straw happened with everything, my heart was broken, my musical spirit hurt and of course I can still sing now and then but its not the same. 

So many people have hurt me, so many have taken advantage of me, so many stepped over me over and over again and so many are just God damn evil and I can't take it anymore. 

Maybe I´ll find a new love for music one day, maybe I´ll work with better people, maybe the spark come back but for now, school takes my time, work takes my time, my family need me and my children need a HAPPY mum and I need to move on.

I will be here for YOU all, I will be here taking outfit photos, telling about my school, cherish the music memories and of course I´ll sing in Tel aviv in December and if something else FUN that I want to do comes up and I have time for it these studying years you know I´ll sing again=) 

'What I am learning now is new things about myself. It takes courage, it takes pain to see who we truly are and it takes lots of LOVE from others to come through hard days and I have the best of family around me, new working colleges, YOU all and I want to say God bless you all for being who you are and sending me so much love.

I hope I can share more stories from the "BAD" sides of the business with you cause I KNOW I would like to be warned about them all before entering the music business. So be sure I´ll tell more about it=)

ENJOY this day!

Monday, August 24, 2015

When you loose that sparkle….

My dear loved ones and readers,

Since I get so many questions about my career as a singer, a new album and so on I feel I need to open my chest about how I feel about this and my future within music so here we go:

I don't want the blog to be all about shallowness and beauty but also some words about me and how I feel now and then since I believe its good to share what we learn in life so that someone else might not do the same "mistakes"

In my life all I wanted was to sing, from when I was so little, a couple of years old, I have always said I ´m going to be a singer.

During my life, singing has given me comfort when I have been feeling sad, down and also happy. When I was bullied in school I always went home and sang my lungs out and cried and it made me COPE with the bullying and being strong throughout the years.

When I was 21 and started Balettakademin I was so thrilled to become a musical artist and I went for it with such joy and happiness the first weeks but since the school was so focused on thin bodies and telling us to NOT eat and smoke more cigarettes I found myself being more and more depressed and loosing faith in becoming a singer. Cause I couldn't understand why a singer need to look a certain way  and being bullied AGAIN was just enough for me.

I left the school, my dream, and didn't sing for half a year. NOT a damn note came over my lips. I lost faith and wanting to become a singer.

But since music has always been my life savior I couldn't keep off it for long and finally started singing again with Alyson avenue, my band, that I loved and where I felt I could be ME and sing MY way. Niclas lyrics and music were easy, happy tunes and it made me feel alive again.

The other guys in the band never wanted fame but I felt I needed to pursue my dream once more and started to work more in the studio with other bands and earned money in many ways. Singing at lovely weddings, baptisms, at parties and so on and it was FUN and no worries.

Then after I got my first son Seth I wanted to study in the university to get a real diploma and a great job and I started pursuing this and put my focus on a normal life. A normal job and letting go of the dream of working as a singer full time since so many times I´ve seen the music business bad sides when record labels wanted to sign me but demanded me to dress in tiny outfits and change my person complete. I just can't give up on who I am and my beliefs for someone else's desire.

I remember being with a record label guy in Copenhagen, trying out a song to be signed with them, where I took my boyfriend with me to keep me safe, since I didn't know these people, I was quite young and after just talking via the phone, who knows who these people would be?
When we had been in the studio recording all day, me doing a great job, them liking it, my bf sitting quietly in a corner, not disturbing, the record label producer takes me to the side, saying quietly; you know, Anette, in the music business the golden rule is to NEVER bring your boyfriend to the studio.

...when he said that I knew that it was all just a lot of bullshit and that all he really wanted was probably something totally different than me singing.

Disgusting and once again I lost faith to the business side of music...

So many sick and disturbing men I´ve met along these years that uses women and using their power. Promoters using girls that only want to meet the band, telling them to do sexual favors and then they´ll get them in to the backstage,..

As a woman being in the music business I am not the first one to tell that its a man´s world and it´s making me tired and sick and even the fans only take the men´s sides. 

It make me sad, it make me tired and it has made me loose all the sparkle for music and singing.

I prefer to be in the "normal" world, the normal working business, going to my summer job, taking care of my elderly people and pursuing my career as a nurse, where I get RESPECT for what I do. No one cares HOW I look, no one talks sex-talk with me, trying to make me feel disrespected as a woman and where I get appreciated for being a kind, warm, caring person. Not demanding me to put out my hard elbows and be tough, not ever showing myself sensitive, having a bad day, crying on stage after endless tours loosing sleep, missing my kids, being told I am FAT from the people I work with when being pregnant and so on..

Well the list is LONG and endless of all the things I have had to put up with.

And to all those out there who want to say I am ungrateful person, a person who complains and whine - well let me do it. I am the only one who have been there, seen the backsides you haven't and felt the things I´ve done.

In the music business its always a lot of people trying to take advantage of you, stealing your money and talking BIG but then its all a balloon that pops and out comes nothing of what they´ve said you´d get.

Being in the music business is about being in a world of DREAMERS who normally have NO CLUE of how it is to live in the real world. Sad but true…

Since 2012 my sparkle to sing is lost and I don't know if it will ever come back but I am actually more happy today studying to be a nurse and I feel my life is richer now than it has ever been before.

ENJOY your day!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A visit at my favorite boutique in Helsingborg

There is nothing better for me than when you find a boutique that has super stylish clothes, great interior AND a fab and amazing owner that can style you from top to toe so that before you leave the store, you have bought items that are not only special but works together in kits. 

What is better than knowing that when you wake up for work, its just to open the closet and get a ready outfit on that will make you look the best YOU, make you feel COMFORTABLE and make you feel SPECIAL?

All these things is what I feel when I have been shopping at STUDIO STILISTA in RÅÅ, which is a part of Helsingborg that is so cosy and to drive to the store make me feel calm.

Jenny, who owns the place, is so cool and hip and since here in Helsingborg the stores we have, are all quite colorless and if I may say so: a bit boring, Jenny is the one to make the cities fashionistas happy and to stand out and look different than the other ones walking the streets.

The brands are both more expensive ones mixed with a bit less pricy which make you able to get a nice outfit to a good price even if you find something a bit more pricy. 

Brand like BY MALENE BIRGER, RIKA, ZOE KARSSEN, VINCENT GAUTHIER, HUDSON JEANS and more are hanging so that you already when walking in to the boutique can find a whole outfit you want to wear. 

Shoes, scarfs, jackets, pants, jeans, jewellery and even interior items such as pillows and lamps are mixed in a super nice way. 

Jenny has two instagram accounts and her biggest one has over 50 000 followers who love her interior taste and clothing taste so take a look at it and follow her today- and for her store:

If you find something you like Jenny can send items to other countries too so just send her a message.

I really want to write about this amazing boutique cause I think we NEED this here in my city and I hope more people in my city will find it and get a look that not everyone else has here=)


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fly baby fly

This jacket from VALENTINE GAUTHIER just had to be mine when I saw it. Its one of those things you get and never ever get rid off. Cause it works outdoors like here to jeans and indoors as a kimono sipping on a nice glass of wine with your love=) 

And the print is hand-sewed on and the cool detail of having a striped inner fabric that gives it that cool vibe. 

Well, I am in LOVE!

Paired it with my first and oldest jeans from DSQUARED2, a black top from SELECTED FEMME, bag from ZARA, ballerinas from DOLCE & GABBANA and sunglasses from LE SPECS.

Leo girl

Yesterday we went to FLICKORNA LUNDGREN with my mum and her husband and had a wonderful summer evening eating cakes and having coffee while kids were playing around.

My friday outfit for the occasion was my leopard dress from RIKA that I love=) Teamed up with sneakers from BY MALENE BIRGER, cardigan from GINA TRICOT and bag from ZARA making it easy to run after the kids yet being stylish=)

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mum jeans

My new addiction: the so called MUM jeans. High waisted but loose fit make them soooo comfy and cool!

Shirt from ZARA, jeans from 2ND DAY, shoes from NINE WEST, bag from LOUIS VUITTON, belt from GINA TRICOT and sunglasses from PAQUERETTES PARIS

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Do you miss…..

… my outfit photos? I miss it so I think if you want them, I´ll start taking them again=)

Give me your thoughts on this=)

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Budget or luxury?

So, sometimes I want something for my home that are just to expensive and then I love to find it to a budget price and this week I found these golden pots for my flowers that I originally wanted from SKULTUNA but since they are just to expensive I found budget ones at JOTEX and today they arrived and they look super nice! 

The shine is a bit less on them compared but when the price is so cheap that I get 4 pots for under what ONE skultuna costs, well, I know my choice=)

Original SKULTUNA pot

JOTEX budget pot!

Music tip of today=)

Well, so busy now so the blog suffers but hey, I have a music tip for today to make it up to you=)

Adam Lamberts album! What a voice, so nice music and I LOVE it!

The duet with my favourite Tove-Lo is so great!