Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Xmas is coming

Hi sweeties,

Hope your week is going great! For me it´s still hectic with long days in the hospital and then also going to school some days like tomorrow and friday. We´re having seminars again and I actually like to go to school except for the long travel. I take the train and it takes 1,5 hour single trip so its 3 hours of just sitting on a train. But to make time go faster I sleep and read a good book and I got myself a new one for tomorrows journey. A new book by the writer of GONE GIRL. Loved that book so hopefully this also will be as exciting=)

Studio is going great and last sunday me and Niclas recorded lead vocals for 2 songs so a great productive day! This sunday I´m doing another one and then I´ll take some x-mas break and be back at it in 2017. 6 songs are recorded with my lead vocals so we´re good on our way.

Gym is going great and I´ve felt strong and fast this week and started to eat more vitamins, omega oil and minerals since I´ve been a bit tired and gloomy and now after more than a week I feel so much better!

Still no snow here and I love it! Seth is away with his dad´s family in Spain enjoying the sun and also my mum is on a sunny trip so bless them both=) I wish I was lying by a pool too!

Love and light

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Last outfits

Hey all,

Hope all is well! Here its stressy but I´m holding up and looking forward to soon having some x-mas vacation=)

Last sunday I was in the studio again and this time I recorded vocals for a ballad for the album me and Jani Liimatainen are doing=)

Got 2 more new songs today in the e-mail and they sounded as good as the others so longing to record them soon!

Here are some of my latest outfits in INSTAGRAM where you know you find more from me if I´m not in here=) Today I´ve been working all day and then passed out in the couch so no Instagram today but that´s life=)

Sleep well my dear ones!

Fake leather skirt and hoodie from ZARA, boots ACNE, stockings GINA TRICOT, blouse MBYM

Leo jacket from ZARA (last season), shirt BY MALENE BIRGER, leo top GANNI, leather pants GUCCI, boots PURA LOPEZ 

jeans REDONE, blouse RIKA STUDIOS, boots ECCO

Hungarian interview in Sportime Magazine

Hey all,

I did an interview for a Hungarian magazine called Sportime magazine and here you find it=) Maybe google translate works for you to read it=)

Click on the photo to go there!

Thursday, December 01, 2016

December is here

Hi all=)

Oh December is already here and every year it´s the same - december is a very stressful month. As a student it´s always so many tests and exams and I also am doing my new internship in the hospital and this time I work in the mental health care. It´s with the really ill ones and in the emergency department. So exciting and also I felt a bit nervous starting there since not so long ago I was attacked by a mentally ill and drug abusing person. 

But its going well and I´ve in the first two weeks started to get to know the staff better and also the patients and I feel I learn a lot so it´s a rewarding feeling=)

Though due to the long days I am tired and other things have to wait so yesterday evening was supposed to be a recording day in the studio but I was so tired my head was spinning so had to cancel. And I fell asleep in the couch early instead. So priority is some days to rest.

Tomorrow I´m home doing school work, posting lots of items I´ve sold in my store and in VESTIARE but nice to be home=)

Studio will be on sunday again and I´ve recorded quite some songs already so its moving forward really good! Tried out some new songs tonight that I will start to record and now I´ve recorded 4 songs=)

Hope you all have a great week and happy 1st of December! Remember to rest even if you, as me, are in a very stressy time!

Love and light

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Carola in concert

Hi all,

yesterday me and Johan had the pleasure of going to a concert with CAROLA, the singer that some of you might know from winning the Eurovision concert some years ago. She´s been my inspiration as a singer from I was young and I´ve seen here a couple of times during the years. Last time I saw her was also a x-mas show from the album recorded in Betlehem.

This x-mas she´s released a new album and I hadn't heard more than one song before we went and it was nice to not knowing how it would sound. The album has been said to be more intimate and different from her other albums and I must say that I agree. And in a good way I have to add!

Carola is known for her amazing strength in singing and these songs were so soft, so gentle and with such emotions that not only I cried during several songs but also some big men sitting next to me cried. She talked between the songs about her childhood x-mases and both her parents passed away some years and she talked a lot about her father. When she sang the song dedicated to him I cried so much that I almost felt I had to go to the toilet but I had to really breathe through it and cope=) The song is called VINTERSÅNG

THAT is for me what a great concert is about, touching someone as she did last night.

A truly amazing album and I´ve listened all day long and have so many favorites but the song to her father VINTERSÅNG and TRO PÅ EN MORGON are so amazing!

I loved it and am so thankful for such an amazing evening=)


Friday, November 18, 2016


Hi all and happy friday!!

Yesterday I was in the studio again recording for the album with Jani and we recorded another great up tempo song, me and Niclas=) Tomorrow I´m heading back for some more recording.

As you have seen I have put out a lot of clothes and stuff in my store and its really nice to clean my closet and every time I sell something to another person I am happy that clothes I have loved will be loved by another one and not just tossed in the garbage.

Vintage and second hand shopping is something we all should do more of since its better for the environment and I am also doing this kind of shopping. I sell and buy stuff through a great site called VESTIARE collective so go check out my stuff there too=)

Click the photo or below link to come to my seller site=)

Happy shopping!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sorry for my abscence

Hey sweeties,

Sorry for the bad blogging but I´ve just forgotten=)

Well, news about my album with Jani hitting the streets next year is that I´ve gotten some songs and it sounds so promising! Jani sure knows how to write songs!

Tonight I´m hitting the studio to start working on them and feel them out=)

The songs are both heavy metal ones mixed with some easier rock songs and I must say there are pure elements from both Janis Sonata-times and my NW-times so if you like those bands you´ll probably like this album!

Love and light,

Monday, October 17, 2016

First song

Well hello all and a new week is up=)

So about my coming album with Jani Liimatainen I´ve just gotten the first demo song and will start to record the songs soon=) First is always that process of checking the good keys for me to sing in and I love internet and that we can make music so easy without even having to travel these days. Just sending the songs and discussing them via e-mails. Dont we all love modern techonologies?=)

I really like the first song and I know the album will be amazing so exciting times ahead!

Happy monday!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

My workout playlist

Here´s my playlist I listen to while doing my workouts=)



Friday, September 30, 2016

This weeks OOTD

Hi all and happy friday!

I´ve been busy being at the kids centre weighing and measuring little babies all week so of course I´ve gotten a cold now from the little ones bugs. But I hope it will pass fast=)

Here´s my latest outfits for you=)


Top MARNI, skirt ZARA, bag GUCCI, shoes H&M

Top ODD MOLLY, skirt ZARA, shoes H&M

Friday, September 23, 2016


Oh anyone else than me that just LOVE fridays?=)

Friday for me is knowing a weekend with the whole family is arising and I love to have my kids and Johan at home doing cosy things, eating yummie food and just being.

In my studies and work within the health care system I see so many heartbreaking stories with horrible illnesses as cancer and it has made me so humble and thankful for the things I have in life. Life is a blessing even if we have times with harder days as long as we are healthy and not having to deal with lethal illnesses.

So I am thankful for all I have, for the beautiful children I´ve been blessed with and that I get to be healthy and able to exercise and be happy!

Love and light


Oh how lovely it is with some bright colors even in the autumn fashion and of course I love a pink splash in my wardrobe=) Got this skirt from H&M and love it!

Skirt H&M, bag, tshirt, knit and boots from ZARA, glasses ASOS

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Dragons mother

Todays outfit:


Monday, September 19, 2016

What I do in my days now

Hey all,

I hope all is well with you all=)

So my days are at the moment filled with my nursing studies again and at the moment I am out working in different areas this semester and at the moment I follow the nurses at a health care facility where I do different things like taking blood samples, blood pressure, take away operation stitches,  dressing wounds, taking ECG and more. It´s really fun and I am at a great place with great people.  Next week I´ll be at the kids central for some days and then in some weeks its time for the place I long to be in: the maternity ward=) U know I want to be a midwife so that will be so amazing to work there!

Other than this I have exams and other school works and of course taking care of my kids. Later this autumn the album with Jani will be recorded and I long for that too=)

So thats what I do at the moment and I hope you all have a great autumn=)

Enjoy this week!

Want to see more of my days?

Follow me in my instagram account where I am more active than in here=)

Friday, September 09, 2016

My latest outfits

Hi all,

After a busy week at my internship at the health care center I feel tired but happy cause its been going really well and they are so sweet where I work=) Looking forward to be there for 5 more weeks!

Here´s my latest outfits and my new jacket from ZARA is just amazing! Pure rock=)

Went to see a concert with Veronica Maggio yesterday and she was great as always!

 1. jacket ZARA, pants GESTUZ, sneakers NIKE, top DOLCE & GABBANA, bag LOUIS VUITTON

2. jacket ZARA, jeans DSQUARED2, sneakers ADIDAS, belt GINA TRICOT, top ADIDAS

3. shirt JULIE FAGERHOLT, jeans DSQUARED2, shoes H&M

Friday, September 02, 2016

School has started again

Hi all,

So my school has started again and this semester will be fun since we will be out working in different areas and next week I start with being at a health center for 6 weeks followed by being in the hospital at the maternity department and then some weeks at the psychiatric care. I am so looking forward to the maternity weeks since I love babies and are thinking of being a midwife=)

There will also be music news about my next project soon and cant wait to share that with you too! This autumn will be fun!

Love and light,

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Last weeks outfits

So here´s my latest outfits for you=) Gold, blue, jeans and white crispy shirt!

1. Pants and blouse and shoes all from H&M

2. Blouse ZARA, jeans DSQUARED2, shoes GUCCI

3. Leather pants HUNKY DORY, top BAUM UND PFERGARDEN, shoes GUCCI


Wednesday, August 24, 2016

New gear

So got myself a pair of new pants yesterday as a gift for reaching minus 11 kilos on the scale! Hip hip hooray to me=)

Pants from 62DEUCE

Friday, August 19, 2016

When the body says no

Hi all and happy friday!

Well for me, it´s not the happiest friday since I am still ill in lyme desease that has gotten out to the nerve system and I have to finally listen to my body and take some days off work and exercising and REST! God, I do hate to REST=) I am a very active so called over-achieving person that has problems taking it easy but since I have severe pain in my right side from this and is extremely tired of all the antibiotics I eat there´s no other thing to do.

Mum said its good to rest and to be bored sometimes but hehe, I am not quite sure!

Yesterday I lied down all day sleeping and doing nothing but having pain and this pain is the most severe in the nights so my night sleeps are horrible.

Dr said this can take a long time to get rid of so I recommend everyone to be careful when being in the forest, wearing clothes and socks to prevent from getting ticks and check yourself carefully afterwards and not go as long as I have with the disease before getting help.

Love and light,

Friday, August 12, 2016

Wedding anniversary outfit

So me and Johan celebrated our third wedding day this wednesday and for the evening we ate lovely sushi and sat down and talked about that great wedding day where we surprised everyone, including our family by getting married on the baptising day for our kids=) It was a small and familiar wedding and we had the party at home and so relaxed and nice that I must say everyone should get married in that easy matter=)

Here´s what I wore for our anniversary:

dress H&M, shoes RIZZO and necklace MARNI, belt LARA BOHINC