Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sorry for my abscence

Hey sweeties,

Sorry for the bad blogging but I´ve just forgotten=)

Well, news about my album with Jani hitting the streets next year is that I´ve gotten some songs and it sounds so promising! Jani sure knows how to write songs!

Tonight I´m hitting the studio to start working on them and feel them out=)

The songs are both heavy metal ones mixed with some easier rock songs and I must say there are pure elements from both Janis Sonata-times and my NW-times so if you like those bands you´ll probably like this album!

Love and light,


Unknown said...

Anette please new album, I love you and I wanna you know, I love the álbum SHINE

Unknown said...

I wanted you record a song of the nigthwish, I love it, and I wanted hear in your voice please "our decades in the sun" please please your voice is beautiful, come to brazil

Hep-Hep Steff said...

understandable, since the past few days i also forget about your blog..... not for the same reasons, i guess (i have trans and jewish friends in the usa, i guess i don't need to say more), but sometimes there's just too many things happening, and it's pretty easy to forget something you would usually think about.
i'm more than happy about the next album, that's a pretty good news! thanks for the update. :)
i love you <3

Sophie said...

I'm looking forward to that album! X Sophie