Friday, August 29, 2014

Recipe on easy done cabbage pudding

Hi all,

Got requests in my Instagram to put out the recipe for the cabbage pudding I made yesterday and of course I can do that=)

This is a simple and a little less unhealthy version where I´ve taken away the syrup they normally used, exchanged the more fatty minced meat to 10% meat, exchanged real butter to oil and exchanged real fat cream to 12% cream.

If you want it more full and fatty just use real butter, cream and minced pork meat for instance.



1/4 of a cabbage head
1 yellow onion
500 g 10-12 % minced meat
appr. 2 dl of oil
2-3 dl of 12% cream
salt and pepper

Do like this:
Chop the cabbage in to thin slices and fry in a pan in the oil together with chopped onion. Its great to do this until the cabbage is almost "melted". At the same time fry the minced meat in another pan, also in oil.Then mix minced meat and the cabbage/onion together, add salt and pepper and place in a oven safe form. At last add the 12% cream all over it and place into a 225 degree hot oven until the cream has set and the dish has gotten a nice color, appr. 25 minutes. Serve with potatoes, a nice salad and lingonberries=)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

This video and song...

... is touching me so deeply. And Molly has an incredible voice! Molly Sandén for you who havent heard of her=)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Spain gigs

'Tickets will start to be sold next week so you know=)


Good morning all=)

Sunday and the day before the reality starts here again after some vacation weeks and the family together. Johan starting his job again and me going to get Mio into pre-school so I can start university next week. I am still on the waiting list for my first choice university and still hoping to get in since it´s so much shorter to take me there. 27 minutes with train instead of the one I am in to with 1h35 minutes single trip. This also make me stressed since I need to leave the kids before I leave with the train in the early morning and our pre-school doesn't open until 07. So I am actually in a dilemma what to do, but as I know- things always finally solves itself so I take it as easy as I can and we´ll see what happens.

Since I am a person who is quite open with my opinions and also answer people on things there will always be some people who doesn't like me that uses everything I say to say that I am this and that. Won´t say names here but I know them and I see there comments and sometimes I wonder why these people have such boring lives that they need to vent and talk a lot of b-shit about others they don't even know in person?

I saw a documentary last night where a radio host in the UK tried to find out what it is that makes internet trolls and haters to do what they do and he didn´t find a clear answer to this of course, cause all he got to know was that some of the haters had been mocked and bullied in their lives and now they wanted to give back in their adult lives and therefore hated and started things in forums, in Facebook pages and so on to get a "kick" when someone got hurt or angry for what they wrote.

Hmmm.. I have been bullied many years and I can´t understand how someone having had to live through people being mean to you, making you so lonely and without self-esteem find it in their heart to go out and do the same to someone else? Really? Why? If you have been there with those feelings when people are so mean to you every single day, WHY do you even wanna do that to someone else?

NO - I don't believe it. for me - trolls and haters are people who are mean and without positive things in their lives. Who do not have any courage to face others face to face but instead sit and write mean and stupid things in the internet. Cowards to be honest.

For me- I don't have time or lust to talk about what others do in their lives cause I live MY life instead and surround myself with people who doesn't talk about others. Cause if you have a good and fulfilled life with love around you, a good support and real friends - you don't have to talk negatively about others. And especially not about people you don't even know=) Jealousy of course is also what makes people do these things. Instead of being jealous of someone - go search your OWN happiness.

Stop complaining - stribe to make YOUR life better instead!

And when it comes to me and those who twist what I say or do? Get a life - I live mine and make mistakes and I choose different paths in life when things change. That for me, is how life should be lived. Not cut into stone. If I have chosen a path and then all of a sudden something better or new arises I chose another path.

I find it exciting=) 

Instead of sitting hating in the internet and writing stupid things I LIVE in the real world!

To the trolls and haters: TRY go outside and look at the world from that view instead. Maybe your life can be so much better?

ENJOY this day!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Two new a cappella videos for you today=)

Hi all,

I did two new a cappella videos for you today:
One from my time in Nightwish - Eva and then one from a musical that I love to sing - Send in the clowns=)

Go to my Facebook page to watch and listen to them:

ENJOY and have a wonderful weekend=)

New gigs announcement=)

Hey guys! Today I am happy to announce that I´m gonna do some gigs in Spain in November=) 

So happy to see Spain again and I so hope I´ll see many of you there!

Here are the dates and venues:
Thu 27th Nov - MADRID - We Rock 
Fri 28th Nov - BILBAO - Sonora
Sat 29th Nov - ZARAGOZA - La Casa del Loco
Sun 30th Nov - BARCELONA - Salamandra 2

Let´s SHINE my dear ones!=)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

In the happiest of eyes...

….someone can hide the darkest and sadest stories.

Hi all,

I have been away for a week to a lovely warm and sunny Crete in Greece and had such happy moments that cannot be described. When I came there I was so stressed, suffered from insomnia and were totally full of worries in my head every single night and day. 
The first nights we came down I had tons of bad dreams, nightmares and I couldn't understand why I now on vacation had nightmares? In this beautiful paradise? 

After 3 days the nightmares were gone, I was filled with a warm fussy feeling of joy, love and happiness and no stress. Even if I did some work down there I didn't feel any stress…

Yesterday when I knew I was heading home that stress came back. Anxiety, nervousness and my insomnia. Again, I lied awake half night and then nightmares the rest of the night…

And now I´m home and already stressed again with all those things many of us worries about every day. Bills, money, leaving our kids long days in kindergarden/school due to our working hours/studies and so on. We all have our own little "hells" to live day by day and even if not every day is filled with stress or darker sides they will be there from time to time during the life we live here on this Earth.

When I heard about Robin Williams tragic suicide and depression I felt the typical sadness that a person can be like a clown - happy face on the outside but so dark and sad on the inside. And it´s always shocking to many to see a seemingly happy person falling down in to a depression. The happy one that always were the one to make jokes and making others happy suddenly is the one that never laughs, that has such sadness and emptiness in the eyes and no matter how you try to help the person can't get up.

I´ve been in a dark period myself where I really didn't see any light anymore. Where life had made me filled with darkness and the happy person I was and is by nature, was just gone. People around me who knew me couldn't understand who I was anymore and it took a long time to get out of the darkness and step into the light again and getting the will to continue living and walking this earth for some years more.

When I think about how many there is that we believe have "everything" - fame, money, love, beautiful children and so on - but in truth they are so miserable, depressed and filled with anxiety about life that they do not show anyone, it makes me so sad. That we can't help, that they just can't get out of the dark spot and get back to us in time before its to late. That they are lost forever. Lovely people who really left us to early due to that darkness… It saddens me and I wish that if anyone out there feeling they are in that dark dark place and need help - please talk to someone. Don´t feel ashamed to seek help. There are great medicines, therapies and most of all - people who CAN help! Let others help you to get out into the LIGHT. Depression is a really hard thing to struggle with by yourself.

Robin Williams - you were such an amazing person in all your lovely characters in TV and the big screen and I will surely miss you in this world. 

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Kirsti Huke

Just watched a tv show with great jazz from Norway and there was one girl called Kirsti Huke who sang incredibly good! So I have to share a song for you here of course=)

If you like jazz I hope you´ll like this! (even if this is not improvising as she did in the tv show)

Friday, August 01, 2014

A little a cappella cover version for you as a Friday treat=)

Some wishes have been made to hear me sing LET IT GO from Frozen and of course your wishes are my command=)

Here you go!

An a capella version for you=)