Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bow girl

My sunday outfit was simple but I added a bow and how I love the feminine touch a hair band or bow can do. 
Photos taken at home again but that´s because I am working a lot now.

Jeans TWO WOMEN IN THE WORLD, black top from ÅHLÉNS, jacket GINA TRICOT, shoes H&M and bag LOUIS VUITTON, bracelets my own design

Monday, September 28, 2015

Chanel look

This dress is an oldie but I love it cause it reminds me of CHANEL´s lovely style and I feel feminine and elegant in it so this saturday I had it on to celebrate it was weekend and sun.

Hat from H&M, boots from CHLOÉ, dress from VI LA VIE, bracelets my own design

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Friday flower

Got some new fresh flowers yesterday. I love to start the weekend with fresh flowers cause it make our home look colorful=)

Nemo followed me to the flower shop and chose the colors and I think he did a great job!

Got a new copy of my favourite magazine COSTUME from Denmark too. I love the Danish fashion style - cool but elegant


I just love velvet in clothes and combined with dark green make it so perfect as in these pants I have on in this outfit. You can find similar pants right now at H&M if you like them.

Cardigan GINA TRICOT, shirt COS, pants GESTUZ , bag LOUIS VUITTON, 
sunglasses LE SPECS, boots ZARA

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


A wonderful item I love to wear in the early autumn to keep me warm is a poncho. I have several ones and I get one every season and this season its this beige one from LINDEX with a polo neck. I love polo necks and it keep me warm and cosy even in a windy day.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ocean life

Oh how I love the ocean in the autumn and today late afternoon we took the boys and drove to Råå and walked by the ocean in the wind and the kids threw stones into the ocean. 

A lovely sunday and then we went home, the boys took a bath and then we ate home made gluten free Chicken nuggets. Much healthier than fabric made and so much yummier=)

Jeans from LINDEX, shoes from TOPSHOP, knit from BY MALENE BIRGER and bag from RIKA STUDIOS 

Music and health

So, I am studying a little net course at my university called MUSIC AND HEALTH and we just had our first 2-day seminar this weekend and we were a bunch of people with different backgrounds and ages and it was a great seminar!

We study the relationship between music and health and in that we talk about that music is a democratic right for EVERYONE to do. Which means that NOONE shall be excluded from doing music. For instance people with need of special support and so on. Cause, as we all know, music can help us feel better!

We also discuss what MUSICALITY is and that´s a really interesting thing to discuss cause who can really answer this question?

We also had a Skype session with Resonaari in Helsinki where they have music school for people with special support needs and it was really interesting to listen to!

We also had lots of fun singing, playing rhythm instruments, dancing and so on these days and so much fun!

I´m having some nice studies to do and will go out to make an observation within this field and also a field study before the course is coming to an end and also another seminar so more stories about this class will follow=)

ENJOY this day!


Yesterday on my way home from university, yet again, I found a little nice hidden spot with amazing stones and a cool tree and of course had to take my outfit photos there. Since I had been sleeping over I have the same pants and boots but the knit is different. 

When traveling I pack light and therefore always try and combine what I have so I only change the tops for instance.

Knit from FIRA, jeans from PLEASE, boots from MEXICANA, sunglasses from H&M

Friday, September 18, 2015

All lights on me

I love to wear light colors when autumn comes. 

Beige, whites and brown make me feel a bit cosier when the darkness start to come and the colors of the trees and leaves are getting darker. Keep a light spot on me, kinda´=)

Knitted top from FIRA, jeans from PLEASE, boots from MEXICANA


I´ve felt extremely tired and exhausted the last weeks and no wonder since I am studying two courses, doing my internship at the hospital and working extra within my elderly care. And yesterday I got to know I just got in to a net based university course called "Music and health" and tonight and tomorrow we´re having a seminar so will have to sleep at a hotel since it´s to far to go back and forth to my home.

But an exciting course this will be and it talks about how music impacts or feelings and I will learn things that I can use in my future work and as a musician its always interesting;=)

BUT doing all of this also make me soooo tired hehe!

So yesterday I passed out at 18.30 and slept ALL night until 07 so 12 hours of well deserved sleep haha!

Now some studying and then driving to school for a great day!

Love and light,

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A yellow friend

Today I went out in the forest again after a day in school and found a nice spot where lovely flowers still were showing its colors and a little cute yellow one had to join me in todays outfit photos=)

Jeans and shoes STELLA MCCARTNEY, top and poncho GINA TRICOT, sunglasses H&M

Monday, September 14, 2015

If you like me LOVE Kate Bush

You will probably like this song with ZARA LARSSON - Weak heart. Sooo much Kate in her voice!

My weekend

I´m in such a busy mode nowadays that I work, study, exercise, sing and more all the time and today I am God damn tired! But exams this and next week so what to do but study!

My weekend in some short photos below:

 On my way to my internship at the hospital friday wearing jeans, boots and my military coat

Went to the studio with Niclas and recorded a song saturday=)

LOVE my silver SHURE mic

Then off to work yesterday all evening

Saturday, September 12, 2015

By the lake

Every day when I drive to school I try and find hidden nice spots to take my photos and thursday driving home I found a lovely lake in the middle of nowhere and the hardest part was to find a way down there without trespassing someones property=)

 Finally found a place I THINK wasn't illegal to go to, haha, and quickly took just a few shots and then ran away to my car… haha! 

Fun to be a blogger photographer=)

Knitted polo ZARA, jeans COS, shoes BY MALENE BIRGER, lipstick CHANEL and jacket VALENTINE GAUTIERb, bag LOUIS VUITTON