Saturday, January 31, 2015

And here´s this weeks video selfie from Tähdet Tähdet where i sing a song by Birdy=)


Yesterday I was in Helsinki as a guest in David Hasselhoff´s tv show=)

So, yesterday we recorded a TV-show for the coming TV-shows in Finland with DAVID HASSELHOFF and since I´ve seen his show in Sweden and thought it was a lot of fun, I was really happy when I was invited to be a guest=)

Won´t tell to much about it since its not aired yet but it was a crazy and fun evening with a great audience, a great band, great guests MICHAEL MONROE and HENRY ALÉN and of course the HOFF=)

And lots of improvisation and I sang a short little thing, lets see if it will be in TV=)

Now on my way back home to Sweden with an early flight but soon back to SUOMI again and KIITOS all in Finland who treat me so wonderfully and welcome me here!

Here´s some photos from yesterday=) 

Outfit: leather shorts, white shirt RIKA, high heels Christian Louboutin, belt H&M, necklace and bracelets Gina Tricot. Make up by my dear Heidi who also make me beautiful in Tähdet Tähdet=)

Getting ready to leave from GLO Hotel in the airport=)

In my backstage room before soundcheck=)

The great band and do you recognize Lauri Porra from Stratovarius on bass?=)

The stage=)

Me and lovely make up girl HEIDI=)

My outfit=)

Pink lips for spring=)

My room with my little gold star on=)

And met these wonderfully talented legendary Finnish guys: Michael Monroe and Henry Alén=)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New items added in my vintage store!

Go check them out and also the older items that are still not sold=)

What doesn't kill you...

…will only make you STRONGER!

Yeah, you know the old saying, right?

I´ve been thinking about this a lot lately and for me, life isn't so easy and streamlined as I sometimes wished. Ever since I was a very young girl I´ve always searched for the utter HAPPINESS, that life should always ONLY be fun and easy. No negativity, no hardships, no mean people and so on…

An utopia where all is LOVE, JOY and EASINESS.

Well, it didn't take me that long to realize that life is the opposite. Life is not easy all the time, there will be mean and cruel people trying to take you down, there will be times when everything just goes wrong and there will be times when you question WHY you even walk on this earth.

BUT with the years I´ve learned to, instead of dwelling in my own head, worrying, questioning myself and not daring to go out of my comfort zone, I´ve asked for help and advice from others and let them sometimes "guide" me to only think positive and ahead instead of being afraid of what could go wrong.

So what I mean with this is that if you are a person who has too much negative thoughts and worries and can't see that even if there´s struggle now, it will get better, if you just fight for it and work hard.

Believe me, I am a situation where I need to make big decisions about where to go and what to do and its hard but then I talk to my loved ones and go ahead and make plans and DREAM about what I could do to make it all happen. Cause one thing I know is that every dream takes a lot of work to get it as you want! And fears has no place when it comes to going after your dreams=)

AND when you get that DREAM and that JOY and that happy place - God damn, its all worth it!=)

Lots of LOVE and HUGS!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Gonna shoot a new video in the coming weeks!!=)

So excited to tell you all that I´m gonna shoot a new video and this time for SHINE=) This time I´m making it with my old dear friend and we´ll be shooting in the lovely surroundings of Helsingborg and Skåne where I live so extra nice!

Will be released in the spring so soon!!

And behind the shoot scenes will be taken of course!!

From my make up for the Tähdet Tähdet presentation in Helsinki last week=)

And from some days ago being a little crazy school girl=)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Unsold items in my vintage store

There are still some unsold items in my vintagestore so check them out before I put out new items on sale=)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Todays music=)

I normally never listen to hiphop and so on but this song I just love and both for the melody is great but most for the lyrics=)

Its called AVUNDSJUKA which means JEALOUSY

And the lyrics translated to english are:

For all the times you said I wouldn´t be anything
all over now they are jealous cause I am doing my own thing=)

Love it! Feel it and you have to listen=)

And as I walk into the light...

… I feel so happy and rejoiced=)

As I´ve told you all I know this year will be wonderful! I am finally going to sing a lot again and I have MISSED it so much!

So many fun things coming and next week I´ll head over to Suomi again to record a wonderfully fun TV-show!

But today - email, exercising and cosing with my children who´m I missed being away!

Love and hugs and SHINE!!!

Interview about my exercising and keeping myself fit=)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The secret is out and I´m gonna be in TÄHDET TÄHDET in Finland=)=)

So happy to finally be able to share the secret I´ve had the last months and its that I´m gonna be in the lovely TV-show called TÄHDET TÄHDET in Finland, which is STARS STARS in English=)

This TV-show is gonna start airing March 1st in MTV3 and it will be live shows every week and I will be dancing and singing different genres every week until one artist is the winner=)

Genres will be many but for instance 90´s, punk, opera, musicals, finnish rap!! and more=)

I am so thrilled and me and my boys will move over to Helsinki in the end of february and we are so excited to live in Finland=)

Here you can watch all about the show:

Here´s a longer interview made by

And here´s some photos from the live-TV broadcast when we were presented in the big mall KAMPPI today and from the photoshoot:

FUN times ahead!

When u believe u did good...

…but failed?

Yeah, I got one exam back and one that felt so good when writing it and the shock I got that I didn't pass it was big yesterday as well as my feeling of being a loser.

I know, of course I´m NOT a loser for flunking one exam but in my mind where I always want to be perfect and best, my inner voice kept saying that I am bad and has no brain after I got the result…

Isn´t it horrible that me and maybe some of you too, if you also have these high demands on yourself, do this to ourselves. Putting ourselves down, thinking we are bad instead of thinking: Hey, ok darling, you didn't pass the test. Ok, that wasn't so good but YOU did GOOD ENOUGH!!! You made your BEST and you worked hard but sometimes HARD isn't enough…

And yeah, I did work hard but there are just so many things buzzing in my life at the same time so studying and also doing my music are colliding and at times it will be like this - my brain can't take in it all and yeah, exams might fail.

Nothing to do - head up high- move on and give myself a tap on the shoulder for good job and with the knowing it will go better next time…

Programming my brain to think differently is hard but I need to do it cause being a "perfect" is just so damn hard and life is to short.

Love yourself and be kind to yourselves=)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Today I need to move inwards... my inner spirit cause my soul says its a bit sad and I need to listen to it. I have these days and its usually after having been resting some days from exercising and calming down so today I´ve been out for a walk to get air, been sitting down and thinking of my life and what I want. And I´ve decided to go to my dear friend who´m I´ve been neglecting for a while so today will be a day for catching up with her and my inner spirit.

To make me feel my spirit music helps and here´s todays spotify list I really like for this.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

My favorite make up products=)

Hi all!

So today I thought I´d make a post about what make up products I use the most at the moment so here we go!

My foundation is a mix of two - one lighter from CHANEL that I mix with a darker one from MAKE UP STORE. More about these another day. Today I only show you my weekday make up and when it comes to rouge, powder and so on.

I don't want to much make up on my eyes in the regular day so I focus on my lips and I LOVE red lips and the best one is without a doubt YSL! It´s like a lipgloss combined with lip stick and it lasts on for many many hours. Perfect!

For concealer I use the triple one from KICKS and I normally mostly use the one that takes away redness on the sides of my nose and on my nose. 

For powder I use a transparent fast powder from ESTÉE LAUDER and for rouge I always first use a bronzer rouge by MAKE UP FOREVER and then I top with a pink rouge from YSL

For mascara I use a new water proof one from EYEKO that gives me perfect thick and long lashes and also stays on even during my hard cross fit sessions=) 5/5 points for that!!

There´s my easy make up for normal days=) Will post more party ones and so on soon!


Sunday, January 11, 2015

I had my whole weekend planned and then...

…friday evening my ear started hurting and BOOM the whole weekend I´ve been having ear pain and finally my ear drum was ruptured and I had to visit the doctor to get antibiotics today. Those damn kids bugs, carrying home small bugs from pre school and giving them to me all the time=) When will these bugs stop coming home to me?=)

Thankfully I am not touring as before so I can be ill and take it easy nowadays. If it had been some years ago I would be in panic:

- My voice! My ears! How will I be able to stand on stage tonight??

The singers every day thing to have to deal with: bacteria phobia and being scared of getting ill all the time.

I wish there were some kind of protection a singer could wear- like a full body spray to use every day that would protect us against ALL bugs ALL the time=) haha! Now when I study to be a nurse, maybe I need to start being a micro biologist who can come up with this??=) Perfect! 

Thats a plan!

Next weekend I have my last exam for this semester before I start all over again in another university. A bit sad to leave my class mates and the school cause I´ve liked them all but the distance and commuting with my kids are not working. So now my school is closer and even if I have to start over again I will try to get them to count some of the points I´ve made already so I don't have to study it all again=)

AND soon I will tell you more about my other plans this year….=)

NOW some TV and resting and tomorrow lots of packages to send to my dear vintage store customers and adding more items soon!

Here´s my new favorites from last week at my INSTAGRAM:

I just love my new thing - spray tanning! Gives me such a nice skin! Does it at Janes skönhet and she uses a natural one which is a sugar composition=)
And my FREDDY wrap jeans! So comfy!! And gives you that booty due to silicon that lifts the butt upwards=) haha!

And my new favourite breakfast! Mix an avocado together with appr. 1 dl of fat free quark and a pinch of vanilla powder (add some honey if you need some sweetness). Then mash fresh raspberries and add to the top. YUM!

Love HATS and my hair from RAPUNZEL of SWEDEN=) 

And last but NOT least: I LOVE to sit by my piano and play and sing=) Will have a piano tuner here asap to fix it=) More videos will be out soon for you=)

Since my whole vintage store is almost sold out...

…I am having a SALE on some jeans that are not sold=)

Go get them!

And next week MORE lovely items will be added to the store=)

THANKS to all my lovely customers out there for being such nice customers!

Friday, January 09, 2015

Thursday, January 08, 2015

When I am cleaning and cooking...

I love to listen to Buddha bars classical pieces=)

Here it is!'

Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Hi all,

My exam yesterday has been stressful as hell to study for cause I really wanted to fix it and well, it felt really good but of course I don't know until in 3 weeks when they have checked it and made my marks so fingers crossed=)

And always after such stress, when relaxing, my body says HELLO cold or fever or something and of course when I came home yesterday I started to freeze, get a small fever and a painful throat. So todays planned wod together with Johan while our nanny would take care of Mio and Nemo went to a b-day party, had to be cancelled.

Instead, we went to IKEA and like always, I wanted to buy everything and change our whole place around=) Want a new kitchen, a new bath room, new things for the kids rooms, new drawers and bla bla bla…=)

Like this kitchen in black!

Or this?

Ah, sweet dreams=)

But some things we will get and now I sit here and check around in the internet for what we could get and where and I also have decided I want to have white floors in our living room and kitchen, like the below and luckily I have Niclas, my band mate from Alyson, who is working as a layer of floors and he said its not such a big thing to do so now I´ll go and check for the white color and so on and then just plan when we can do it and where to put all the furniture=) Johan is already stressed about it, haha! 

We are different in that way - I just decide that  NOW I want this and then it needs to be done NOW while he is more thinking for a LONG time before doing stuff=)

photo borrowed from style

But white floors it will be!

And then I found new lamps I want both in the kitchen in small size, two of them, and then the big one over our living room table. All from IKEA. I love the industrial design and these are really cool!

Cool, right? Love them! Will get them this week=)

And I also love to check auctions for some furniture and today I have found some chairs I´ve put a bid on so lets keep fingers crossed=)

I want my house to look like this below in lots of black and white=)


photo borrowed from style

hugs and enjoy the evening!

Friday, January 02, 2015

In to 2015

Hi all!

So now we´ve entered 2015 and for me it feels so exciting=) You know, some years I can feel already before it´s started that it will be awesome! 

And this year will be just that - AWESOME!

I believe that what we think is what will happen and I´ve worked with myself the last months and been thinking of what I want to do and achieve forward and set some "dreams" and goals up for myself and some are on its way already=)

I have already before read the book called "The Secret" that teaches us that what we throw out into the universe is what will come back to us. That means: if we think positive things and see only positively on everything and see ourselves in the situation we dream of, we will attract positiveness.

And instead- if we think negatively about things and make ourselves only think everything is hard and a struggle, even paying the bills for example, we attract negativity.

I had felt that I´d been going more into a negative thinking some months ago and it also made more negative come into my life. I also didn't see that I had to "cleanse" around me with people and things to feel more positive. Its easy to find yourself in that more darker times now and then and for me, winter and darkness make me much more prone to end up there.

Then I found a nice sound book that also talks about the same things as The Secret. Its by Sonia Ricotti and called "The law of attraction, plain and simple: create the extraordinary" You can get it in iTunes store.

It´s really good to listen to and I recommend it to you all. Even if you´re not a negative person or in the dark spot now, it makes us think differently. Reversing how we think of anything and making our lives so much more positive and attract those things we want=)

So that´s my tip for the beginning of 2015=)

Read The Secret or listen to the above sound book and walk into the positive light and YOUR time to SHINE and be the extraordinary YOU=)

Much love to you all!

AND more items added again to my VINTAGE STORE=)

Since some dresses were sold immediately I´ve added more stuff in the vintage store and even a stage dress=)

Go get some stuff!!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

New lovely items in my VINTAGE STORE NOW!

I´ve added new lovely items to my vintage store so go and get yourself a little new dress or something else to celebrate the new year=)