Friday, January 09, 2015

Shine was played on the radio in New york today!!=)

Damn, I am happy=) Whoop whoop USA-keep it playing!=)


Pascal said...

Oh, that´s really good news!

Congrats a lot on that, Anette. First "Lies" and now "Shine"... I wish they would play it on the radio also here in Germany, at least I haven´t heard it so far there... but well, I have the album, so I can listen to it whenever I want and that happens often :).

Have a very nice weekend and lots of love and hugs to you!

Pascal said...

I mean, of course "Lies" was on MTV, but both of them were played in the USA, that's what I meant in the previous comment :).

Lots of hugs and have a great weekend again!

Unknown said...

Oh yes! Shine is being played often on Sirius XM too. Is it your next single? =)


Unknown said...

Congratulations! Who knows what might follow :).

linnea-maria said...

Jag önskar att skivbolaget kunde promotat dig i sverige bättre.

Metal Nicks said...

Anette, I will listen to your music until the day I die and yes I love your music dearly, Well I do not live in New York I live about 250 miles south from Chicago Illinois USA witch there not really much Anette Olzon fans around here but myself :-)


Love and Hugs from Illinois U.S.A :-)

Carol Misokane said...

Hi dear and congratulations for this! I hope they keep playing it and soon you can tour there =).

Nettan, it's been some days since I am thinking about it but just now I had the time to sit by the computer and ask you.
Next month I'll enter the medical school in Russia and I am a tattoo lover. I already have two in the arms but they are easy to hide with clothes, but I want and I will get more tattoos soon and as you are a future tatttoed nurse I'd like to ask you how people handle with tattoed professionals in Europe? I know there is prejudice yet but at the same time I see doctors and nurses having tattoos all the time. How is it seen in Sweden?


Thomas Black said...

Awesome Annette. I think "Floating" deserves airplay too

pm6057 said...

I live in Philadelphia. Not far from NY. Anette, I think a video (even just live, low cost) and pushing it as a single will really pick your album up in the states. The album is excellent and has many different kinds of music. Love ya.

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I just wanted to step in to say that I´m sorry for you not being well with your ears as I read on your instagram. I wish you to get well soon and send you positive thoughts :).

Resting is important was you said you will do, so I wish you despite of what happened a nice and calm sunday.

Lots of hugs and love and healthiness to you :).

pm6057 said...

I will begin the requests in Philadelphia. It's time for an Anette Olzon movement in the U.S.