Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Today I need to move inwards... my inner spirit cause my soul says its a bit sad and I need to listen to it. I have these days and its usually after having been resting some days from exercising and calming down so today I´ve been out for a walk to get air, been sitting down and thinking of my life and what I want. And I´ve decided to go to my dear friend who´m I´ve been neglecting for a while so today will be a day for catching up with her and my inner spirit.

To make me feel my spirit music helps and here´s todays spotify list I really like for this.



Pascal said...

And I´m so sorry you feel sad today. Unfortunately it´s like that, even when you start to take up a more positive way of thinking and living, days like this just belong to life and will be there from time to time. But more important is that there are the beautiful and happy days and I´m sure there will always be more from them in your life :). And I really liked what you posted on your instagram, that when you smile you get smiles back. That´s true and so also I want to give you smiles back now and send you thoughts with positive energy :).

I´ll listen to the music later and for now, I wish you a great time with your friend and lots of happiness to lighten the day up. Never forget that you are a strong person and no matter how dark it may seem around you, you will always SHINE :).

Lots of hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

I love listening to these types of playlists on my calmer, slow or sad days too. I thought I followed this playlist too, but I guess I don't. If you want anymore recommendations for playlists. I think One Of Those Days, Deep Dark Indie, and Autumn Leaves. I honest to God have like 10 of these playlists, is that bad? I hope you feel better dear! <3


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

I wanted to wish you a nice start into the weekend and GOOD LUCK for your exam tomorrow!

Enjoy your afternoon and all the best for tomorrows exam :). Take good care and lots of hugs to you!