Thursday, January 08, 2015

When I am cleaning and cooking...

I love to listen to Buddha bars classical pieces=)

Here it is!'

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Hep-Hep Steff said...

i don't know how much you know about this in sweden, but here in france it's crazy. two days ago, 12 people were killed at a weekly satirical newspaper in a terrorist assault, and since then... it came as a big shock, because some of them were really famous here. the two killers are islamists, it took a ouple of days to catch them. they are found but not caugt yet, they have hostages with them, and in paris itself (porte de vincennes) there is another assault with hostages, both still happening right now! in porte de vincennes, the two islamists (an african man and an arabic woman) asks for the killers to be released.... along with this yesterday a young female cop was killed in paris, in connection with what's happening, and the killer is still on the run... and as usual, some people thinks all muslims are islamists, and there's things like an explosion in front of a kebab shop, "mort aux arabes" (death to the arabs) tagged on the walls..... it's just plain crazy! and all of this happened because of some cartoons..... kalashnikovs against pens. i could tell you i'm glad i do not live in paris!