Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What doesn't kill you...

…will only make you STRONGER!

Yeah, you know the old saying, right?

I´ve been thinking about this a lot lately and for me, life isn't so easy and streamlined as I sometimes wished. Ever since I was a very young girl I´ve always searched for the utter HAPPINESS, that life should always ONLY be fun and easy. No negativity, no hardships, no mean people and so on…

An utopia where all is LOVE, JOY and EASINESS.

Well, it didn't take me that long to realize that life is the opposite. Life is not easy all the time, there will be mean and cruel people trying to take you down, there will be times when everything just goes wrong and there will be times when you question WHY you even walk on this earth.

BUT with the years I´ve learned to, instead of dwelling in my own head, worrying, questioning myself and not daring to go out of my comfort zone, I´ve asked for help and advice from others and let them sometimes "guide" me to only think positive and ahead instead of being afraid of what could go wrong.

So what I mean with this is that if you are a person who has too much negative thoughts and worries and can't see that even if there´s struggle now, it will get better, if you just fight for it and work hard.

Believe me, I am a situation where I need to make big decisions about where to go and what to do and its hard but then I talk to my loved ones and go ahead and make plans and DREAM about what I could do to make it all happen. Cause one thing I know is that every dream takes a lot of work to get it as you want! And fears has no place when it comes to going after your dreams=)

AND when you get that DREAM and that JOY and that happy place - God damn, its all worth it!=)

Lots of LOVE and HUGS!


eileenorca said...

Thank you Anette for sharing that with us. It's sometimes helping to realize that we're all going through not so easy moments in our lives.
Days after days we have to give our best to not let the negative thoughts and fear paralyse us.
I wish you all the best so your biggest dreams may come true!

Love :)


Unknown said...

Your post is totally right. I agree with you, we need to know how to "take" the life because it is not easy thing.
What is more I've just discovered soomethig, on youtube someone mixed your vocal with instrumenatl of Bring me to life and it is so amazing. I think it sound really good, I like your voice but that person made really good job by mixing your acapella cover and instrumental part together.
I hope you chceck itand enjoy : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4PejXNkKHpM

BellaTwilight said...

hellow anette i agree with you in that post but hey i only wish a bit of more joy .:) and i like your oppinion about and i am not complaining even when i am doing because of it !someone tell me and asks of what i am excepting and i felt very angry on a fact , because i have my decisions on a pointless .^_^ omg they miss understood me , and i feel happy now because i felt angry i am happy now because i decide to be happy !:Dyayayaya ......and i do not have exceptations , if they 're just like to argue with me , in fact they lie hard. Thank You queen :*. but i should do it no matter what.

Julie said...

Hi Anette!

I am so happy that you are in a good place right now, and I hope I can learn to take your advice as well. You are truly an inspiriation!

But if you will allow me to be a bit curious for a moment, I have a couple of questions for you: Will Johann go with you to Finland? Will you continue to take nursing-classes there? And how are your boys feeling about moving?

I wish you all the best
Julie from Norway.

Unknown said...

Julie: Hi there! Johan and my smallest boys will live with me in Helsinki for 3 weeks and then I´ll stay and they have to go home for some weeks and if I go further in the contest they will hopefully be able to come over and stay a while longer. Nursing school is a bit tricky for me but I am talking with my university now so fingers crossed I can re-do the things I may miss. The hardest part is that I don't know how long this TV show will last. It can be that I am out first or last to the finals, no one knows and I will not lie but life is a bit stress to make it work now but I want to sing too so this is what I have to do and hope it all will be sorted out. hugs!

matotu said...

Hi, Anette!
Thanks for wise words. You are amazing :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Wow... I know I said this already a few times, but I just always apprecitiate your wise words. You truly have a lot of live experience and I´m thankful that you so often share it with us and that you write such encouraging things. You really give me a lot of happiness and courage with that :).

I know that saying of course, and I think it´s right in some ways. Me too, and I guess that this applies to most people, I often wish that life was competely without sorrow, without problems and bad experiences. But if it were so, then I think we wouldn´t grow so easily to what we are and what we should become. Sometimes we maybe just have to face dark times to learn from them and to make the best out of it. It´s great that you had and have people who help you thinking more positive. And I find that in a way you also give that to us, because your posts can really give a lot of positiveness and hope :).

And I can imagine that things and decisions aren´t always easy for you, but I believe that you will always go your way and that it will be a great one :). Thank you for so often encouraging us to work on our dreams and to believe in them. It´s surely not always easy, but when we believe enough in them and overcome our fears, then we can suceed. And I think it´s so beautiful that you spread this message!

I also wish you good luck for your university matters and I´m sure you do the right thing in singing again :).

Lots of hugs and love also to you and have a great afternoon!

Betty Blue said...

Thank you for sharing this with us, Anette, and for giving me hope and positive energy!
Life is not easy, I have never experienced a situation when it actually WAS easy. But now that I am with the man I love more than anything else in this world, he gives me so much strength every day and we really have to fight some things at the moment that make me want to surrender. But he is even more a fighter than I am, and I am winterborn :D
There is so much that just might go wrong within the next months and it takes my breath away to think of all the consequences that might occur, BUT we will make it.
It is so incredible helpful to read words like yours when you´re so afraid and fearing for the person you love most. Thank you so much!