Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Finally - my touring band is now COMPLETE=)

Finally my touring band is complete so let me welcome the last member but not the less important, oh no;=)

On keyboards/accoustic guitar we have Rickard Bonde Trumeel!

Teaching music here in my home town and a very talented musician who can both play keyboards, guitar and also sings well;=)

Find him here:

Also from lovely Helsingborg and I am so happy that we all are from my dear home town! yeah!

Now we´ll soon be starting off the rehearsals and I´ll make some behind the scenes videos for you so stay tuned!

And don´t forget that if you want to see me and my band LIVE we play June 6th in Kivenlähti Festival Espoo Finland and then in Toranda Festival in Torneå Finland, July 5th.

The band members:
Patrik Borgkvist - Drums
Mikael Mikey Nilsson - Guitar
Johan Husgafvel - Bass
Rickard Bonde Trumeel

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Photos from my acoustic gig at Folk o Rock yesterday=)

Hi all,

Yesterday me, Johan and Kalle had a lovely acoustic gig session at Folk o Rock in Malmö celebrating the International Record store day and it was so nice to see so many people showing up and listening to us, buying my album SHINE and having so many nice things for me to sign afterwards=)

I got these really nice photos from Ola Johansson who were there listening. Thanks so much Ola for these!

And here´s a photo of me signing from a super nice journalist and radio host who made a nice interview with me for his radio show ROCK E NOCK. Thanks so much Jan-Inge Svensson!;=)

Friday, April 18, 2014

And here´s my new talented band to back me up this summer;=)

Some talented musicians who will follow me to play my gigs in Finland are now ready to present to you all:

On drums - Patrik Borgkvist -

On bass - My husband Johan Husgafvel -

And keys are soon decided on so stay tuned!

We´ll play at Kivenlahti Festival, Espoo in Finland at 6th of June and in Toranda Open Festival in Torneå, Finland at 5th of July;=)

FUN TIMES AHEAD and I´m so happy to have these talented musicians with me (and from Helsingborg all of them=)


To all you bunnies and eggs out there,=)

May you have a wonderful time and lots of EGGS to eat!

Monday, April 14, 2014

So what am I up to?

I have busy days and at the moment I am:

- fixing great talented musicians who will play with in my 2 festivals and I can already share with you that my hot and lovely husband will play the bass on stage;=) 

- Rehearsing with Johan and Kalle for two upcoming acoustic gigs here in south of Sweden. More info soon!

- Doing interviews and now I do some for the US, Sweden and more…

- Fixing those technical stuff for the shows such as backing tracks (yes, we all need them due to not having money for a BIG full symphonic orchestra) and choosing songs to play.

- Making some playlists for others. Fun!

- Studying like HELL for my upcoming test in may for Nature science which I need to get into university and nurse school. If music fails I need a great education and I want to help people and maybe even be a midwife in the future=)

- and of course I still take care of my little ones so if I´m not here so much writing its cause I really do not have so much more time during my days. 

But follow my INSTAGRAM and official Facebook too for updates!

Enjoy your Easter week;=) 

And hey, Pain will be playing in Brussels, Belgium this friday, so go check them out!!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Some accosutic snippets from yesterdays relaxed rehearsal;=)

Hi all,

Yesterday me and my mum´s husband Kalle rehearsed some of my songs from SHINE for an upcoming accustic gig and even if it was the first rehearsal I´ll give you some video snippets;=)