Sunday, January 31, 2016

Two AMAZING stage boots for sale NOW in my vintage store!

These two babies! The WILLOW boots many have asked to buy before so go get them now=)

All black outfit

Comfy and warm clothes on today being in the forest and all black always work out!

Jacket and boots PRADA, polo knit ZARA, pants FILIPPA K, bag LOUIS VUITTON

Finally some sun

Oh, today the beloved sun finally showed herself for us for a while and we took our car to the forest to sip in the sunlight and get some energy after all the darkness. 

Cold but the sun made it all worthwhile and it even looked like spring in the forest already 

Mio always has to have his cars with him everywhere even in the forest=)

En garde!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Todays outfit

So finally I went to university with my car and could stop in the forest and take some quick photos. 

School means a relaxed outfit and I took sneakers today with golden glittery socks to add some kind of "party mode"=)

Leather jacket GIORGIO BRATO, white shirt LINDEX,  jeans H&M, socks GINA TRICOT, ear rings LILY AND ROSE, bag LOUIS VUITTON and sneakers BY MALENE BIRGER

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Interviews for Finnish media

Hi all,

Sorry for my absence but all my time goes to studying for my exam saturday=) But soon I´ll be back again!

Here´s two articles from Finnish media you can read while I study,hehe!

First an interview for Finnish Costume:
Someone was kind to make an English translation so here u go;
Anette Olzon sells her clothes – huge demand surprised her
Nightwish's ex-vocalist Anette Olzon sells her old clothes because storing them takes too much space.
Anette who released her new Vintersjäl/Cold Outside -EP last week worked as a vocalist for Nightwish in 2007-2012. During tours, the singer bought new clothes almost daily.
– I had to have a different outfit for every concert. That was my thing. My wardrobes filled up because I used the outfits for that one time only, Anette told to Costume.
Anette noticed that there was demand for her clothes and many fans wanted their own piece of their favourite singer. She founded a blog called Anette Olzon's Vintage Store in which the singer presents the products that are for sale.
– I sell a part of my clothes for a second hand -shop located in my hometown Helsingborg. Many people have said to been asking after my clothes. I was gladly amazed by the popularity of my clothes. I have sold some of my clothes in a vintage-shop in Copenhagen. I sell a lot of practically new clothes, because I've used them probably once. I sell a lot of products from brands that you can't necessarily get for example from Australia.

And from Finnish Seiska magazine:
Someone made a translation so here we go;
Anette Olzon changed singing language – tried to become a Eurovision representative
Ex-vocalist from Nightwish, Anette Olzon challenged herself and wrote a song in Swedish.
Anette worked on her new Vintersjäl-song together with Martijn Spierenburg from Within Temptation and Bloodbound-rocker Fredrik Bergh. The song was already made a couple of years ago, then with English lyrics.
– Later on I decided to rewrite the lyrics in Swedish. I wanted to try writing in my mother tongue, because I had never done it before. At the studio we noticed that the Swedish version sounded very good, Anette comments for Seiska.
The song nearly qualified to Melodifestivalen, even a couple of times.
– I sent Vintersjäl to Melodifestivalen a few times and it nearly made it to the contest on both years. This year I sent another song from my EP, Cold Outside, to the contest. They said to me that the song will qualify, but in the end they told me they didn't have a suitable place for me. For three years I've been told that I'm getting in to the contest, but still it hasn't happened, so I've let that dream go. I decided to release the songs anyway.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Todays morning workout done and today I did 5 min warm up running on the tread mill. Then upper body workout with chest, triceps, biceps, lats and back exercises. One of the best ones for the back in dead lifts as seen below. Super good!

Then after my weight session I finished up with 20 minutes running on the tread mill again and then breakfast consisting of eggwhites and strawberries.

Yesterday was cardio and I ran 37 minutes on the tread mill.


New sports bra from HUNKEMÖLLER and new top from ÅHLÈNS

Kinda sweaty always=)

Eggwhites and fresh strawberries - yum!

Todays inspiration

Today I get inspiration from this look. 

Love to wear a simple white blouse with black jeans with tears on the knees. Simple, chic and cool=)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Green smoothie

So, after a whole day of studies I want something to pick me up and a smoothie full with greens like barley grass, spiraling, peas, broccoli and more is perfect to give great antioxidants and vitamins and also protein but from only greens.

My protein powder comes from LIFETIME and is super yummie! I mixed it with natural yoghurt, oat milk, maca powder and a fresh banana.

Got a new magazine with lovely interior inspiration yesterday and also the cute little pinkish candle holders to the right in this photo from ÅHLÉNS. Pink is the color for the spring in both interior as well as in fashion.

Chicken soup

Today I am studying at home for an exam next weekend but I also have a teenage son at home with THE most horrible cold of the year=) Yes, he is truly ill and he´s NEVER ill so well, I have to spoil my oldest son a bit and take care of him extra today. 

So I did a very nice smoothie for breakfast with LOTS of vitamins in it. 

And the bought him some rose hip soup since its full of C-vitamins. 

Then now I have a yummie chicken soup slowly cooking for us to enjoy for lunch so I hope he´ll soon feel better the poor "lad"=)

Star wars

Hi all and hope your weekend was as good as mine=)

Had an afternoon all alone with my Johan on Saturday and left the kids at mum´s place so we went and did some shopping, ate some yummie hamburgers and then we hit the movies and saw STAR WARS finally in 3D. And WOW is all I have to say!! Could see it 10 times more cause it was amazing and the 3D made it even better!

Relaxed clothes with culottes from ZARA, boots from FIORENTINE BAKER, fake fur PRADA, bag LOUIS VUITTON, ear rings GINA TRICOT and bow to my hair from H&M

Friday, January 22, 2016

Roll in to a fake fur

Gosh, its been cold today and I really didn't feel like going outside but well. had to so I rolled into this fake fur from PRADA. Asked Seth to help me take outfit photos but well, he isn't the best one I can say since they are all blurry haha! Sorry about those=)

Jeans GINA TRICOT, fake fur PRADA, knit RIKA, blouse SECOND FEMALE, sneakers NIKE AIR MAX, ring YSL, nail polish H&M, ear rings PIPOLS BAZAAR