Monday, January 25, 2016

Green smoothie

So, after a whole day of studies I want something to pick me up and a smoothie full with greens like barley grass, spiraling, peas, broccoli and more is perfect to give great antioxidants and vitamins and also protein but from only greens.

My protein powder comes from LIFETIME and is super yummie! I mixed it with natural yoghurt, oat milk, maca powder and a fresh banana.

Got a new magazine with lovely interior inspiration yesterday and also the cute little pinkish candle holders to the right in this photo from ÅHLÉNS. Pink is the color for the spring in both interior as well as in fashion.

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Karin said...

Hope your studying is going well?:)
And yes; it is nice to start thinking of spring,I so long for it, but we have piles of snow here in Finland right now! Really, a lot! It's horrible.
So it' s quite cozy to stay inside.

And I want to congratulate you on your ep! The songs are really good. They are beautiful. They give a good feeling in the soul :)
And Vintersjäl: it is so lovely to hear you sing in swedish! It has beautiful lyrics. Thank you for making songs, thank you for singing them:)
-It took me awhile to listen to them. Always when I've been waiting for some special music, I want to get in that right mood, and be in the right place to listen. It is that first impression, you know:) It always stays in that song, when you listen to it. That first feeling! Now it feels good: and the songs will start to grow in my mind; to get a life :)

-Hoppas Seth blivit något bättre?
Min Tim håller på att bli sjuk; han känner sig riktigt eländig. Vi har en massa elever borta feån den skola där jag jobbar. Nögon sorts influensa-feber-förkylnings-våg på gång...
( Tim ligger i sin säng och lyssnar på Sabaton :) Han säger att det lugnar honom... :)?!

Ha det bra Anette! Tack igen för nytt material, att vi får njuta av din sång.

P.s. Har också sett Star Wars. Var sk*tbra! Lite rörande var det ju också; fick några klumpar i halsen vid endel ställen.... :)