Saturday, January 09, 2016

My new EP

So, as I said before I will release a little digital EP really soon and it will be one song in Swedish and one in English. 

The Swedish song is named "VINTERSJÄL" and the English one is named "COLD OUTSIDE".

I will release them digital as a digital EP and it will be available in Spotify and iTunes. No printed copies will be available and they are released without a record label.

The cover is below and the photo is taken by Raimo Gedda and the artwork is made by Alicia Köhler.

The songs are currently going through mastering and then I´ll release them so VERY soon!=)

Stay tuned for this!


Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, it's a great news! you could be ure i'll buy the songs, if not this month it will be in februrary. :) <3

Anonymous said...

Very excited for this!

Brunwen said...

Awesome! Looking forward to it! :)

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

This is super good news and I´m looking forward to it, especially to "Vintersjäl"... I always hoped for a song in Swedish from you, so thank you already for that :). But I´m sure both songs will be great anyway.

I´m glad to see you had a nice time with your family and that you are feeling better now. I never had migraine so far, but I can imagine that it hurts a lot.

I wish you a good night and a great sunday tomorrow :). Lots of hugs and light to you!

Kaoru said...

That's great! Sometimes (most times?) it's better off when you go freelance. Good luck!

Karin said...

Oj vad jag ser fram emot dehär ! :)

AngelVal Schreiber said...

Its great you return to the music, I have heard both songs and I love it I hope new album, thank u for your beauty songs I love your creations, gretings from Mexico