Monday, January 18, 2016

Winter wonderland

So our weekend has been full and we´ve been out in the snow, I´ve been finishing my paper for school (hooray!), we´ve eaten "semlor", been to the gym and watched movies and Walking dead=)

Now ready for a new week and here´s some photos from this weekend=)

Me on my way to Linda my hair dresser in leather pants from GUCCI and a top from RUDE RIDERS

Before my gym sessions I always need a nice protein smoothie and when I am away from home I get one from REDFELLAS

Cardio is one of my absolute favorites cause I can stand on the cross trainer and burn 500 kcal while listening to awesome music and watch people exercise in the gym=)


Nemo ready to hit the slope

Mio and Nemo go in the same sled=) (or what its called in English?)

Off they go!

Mio doesn't like to go downhill as much as Nemo so we went to the playground me and him=)

Beautiful outside now (even if I don't like snow…hehe)

My man=)

Kärnan - our castle here in Helsingborg

High up here´s the view over my city

Johan and Mio checking out the city from above

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Hep-Hep Steff said...

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