Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Shape and what I eat =)

So here´s my current shape and total drop in kilos is 7 until now and measurements are also down. Lost a lot in the bust area and back area which I am happy for since thats´s where I get my extra weight.

I eat as before but adding some sweet potatoes and some pasta too. I take same supplements and I excercise hard several times a week, mostly crossfit sessions and functional training. 

I am so happy that many tell me they get inspired by my instagram account and that´s also why I post my own results cause I follow lots of fitness pages and they give me all the motivation I need. I love exercising and I believe finding YOUR favorite exercise is the key to keep it up!

Love and light,

Thursday, June 02, 2016


Todays music tip is Swedish and an amazing album from one our biggest bands in Sweden - KENT. 

LOVE the whole album!!

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Last days in school=)

Hi all,

I hope all is well and summer is here=) I love it but actually sometimes its a bit to hot hehe! But not complaining, of course=)

I am finishing up the last days of work in school before a well deserved summer break starts, But I am of course gonna work at my dear elderly home all summer so no rest for the wicked. Working is actually nice and a good change from school. I must admit I am quite school tired now and long for the studies to finish. Being a student means no rest and always something that needs to be read, written or prepared and its hard at times.

Also failing at exams are a struggle for everyone and I just hope the one I have redone several times will be ok this time! Fingers crossed!

Love and light,