Tuesday, April 30, 2013



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So, I have such a craving for starting to run and exercise my dear cross fit and tabata now, but I know I need to take it easy and build up my stomach muscles so today I did this nice exercise routine from the book I got from Olga Rönnberg, who has written this book about exercising after pregnancy.

It felt good and I am happy to have such good stomach muscles since before the pregnancy but I still feel that they are loose and need to come back in shape;=) And one thing I have used since day 3 after my c-section to help my stomach get back into its old shape is this "girdle" specifically made for after birth bellies. Good stuff and I can recommend it! And as you all know, a strong stomach is the key for a singer;=)

Here´s the stuff I did today with Nemo happily cheering beside me.

Play dead:=)

My favourite song from Peter and Pain is actually a cover on my favourite Björk song:

Play dead!

Glad Valborg - Happy Walpurgis night - Vappu;=)

Hi all and Glad Valborg or Happy Walpurgis or Vappu!

Today we celebrate this in Sweden and some other countries, such as Finland and Germany. Here you can read all about this celebration and why we celebrate:

Click on the photo below!

Here in Sweden we call it Valborg and we lit bonfires in the evening and sing or listen to spring songs. Here´s a video showing how it can look:
You can hear them sing from 2.10 and forward=)


Monday, April 29, 2013

Cats and leopards

Here´s what I had on yesterday, visiting mum´s house:

 White lovely blouse from SixtyDays, my new favourite and designed by a friend of mine, Efty;=)

 Love the details on the blouse and the length of it

Like these tiny bells that give a little pling sound;=)

And the arms and the bottom of the blouse have this lovely knit embroideries

And the cool leopard jeans you´ve seen me wear before during my pregnancy from Circle of trust

 Here´s how my hair looks after I cut off 10 cm on saturday. Fresher and healthier but still long and I like it=)

Todays pick

Today I´ve played around with H&M´s styling tool and here´s what I styled their model with:

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Yes! Just booked a vacation to Greece in august!:-) 
longing already!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Yesterday´s outfit

Here´s my outfit from yesterday (minus the shoes)

 The lovely shoes from Dolce & Gabbana I had on when we received our Echo award some years ago;=)

Black top from Zara

Black studded jeans from Gina Tricot

 Necklace from Gina Tricot


Good morning and a very happy friday to you all:-)

Yesterday I had a great day again with a nice visit from Niclas "Olle" (Alyson avenue) my dear friend. He met Mio for the first time and Mio behaved really well, hehe:-)

Then when Johan came home from his job, we went out for a nice walk, a stop at a nice playground and then a visit in the city where the stores were open until 20 and they had champagne and chocolates to eat;=) My dear friend Hanna entertained us well;=)

Some photos I took for my Instagram:

Today it´s grey and have been raining a lot all night but I hope for some sun during the day so we can head out for a walk me and the kids. I don´t much sleep in the nights so some fresh air helps to feel better!

Some friday music is needed for me to wake up so here you go - today it´s all BJÖRK;=)

Björk - Human behavior:

It´s oh so quiet:

Venus as a boy: