Wednesday, April 17, 2013


...for some nice running in the forest now when spring finally has shown itself;=)

Need to wait 3 weeks more to run and exercise heavier but will start today with some stomach exercises. Someone asked how my stomach feel after my c-section and I am totally painless, feeling like I never were pregnant and I thank my good exercising before the pregnancy for that. 

For me, exercising is much more fun if I wear nice clothes and good shoes so today I´ve done some online surfing for nice running gear and here´s my choices;


Océane said...

You're right its funnier! I bought recently a new pair of sneakers from nike and they look cool :) and also a bra from Nike too!
The items from Gina Tricot are so cool! :)

Did you buy all of this?!
You'll need a bigger closet soon! Ahah

Love & Hugs

Unknown said...

Oceane: no, its only for inspiration in the blog;=)

Dark Queen said...

I'm soooo lazy, so I prefer to lie down in the sun :) Luckily I play volleyball and I'm active. If I end with volleyball is a disaster!!!
I like the first pair of shoes you posted! So nice color. I suggest you to buy those shoes ;)
Anyway how are you? Johan? Seth? Nemo? Mio? Are you all ok?
Enjoy the day ♥

Anonymous said...

Due to my back problems I may not run :( Although I really like to but I also have a bad condition. When I start to run I can't breathe really good and my heart is beating a lot... My bf said to me we have to go for a run but I can't :(

Also, I have breast engorgement and it's really painfull! I'm not pregnant and still I have it. My doctor says it's because of my pill.. I don't know. If it's not getting better I have to go to the hospitals for a scan. To avoid a tumor... Painkillers don't work because I got more pain... It's been like this for almost a week and sometimes I can't bair the pain..

x hug!

Unknown said...

Very nice clothes. I really like leopard designs too.
Hope u and your family are doing awesome:) enjoy your day

Karin said...

The leopard bra is just great! Would like to have that!
Glad to hear that you are ok! I can imagine you now want to get "on the road"again.
I started running a year and a half ago, but I really hate running in winter and early spring when its icy and the whole joy of running isn't there when you have to be so careful where you run. Many friends have gitten those runningshoes with somekind of spikes on them, so you don't slip and fall when you run in winter.
But now, the snow is melting so fast. Yes, we still have got it:) so, I think I will soon have a try in the forest...

July said...

I liked the sneakers, I'm a relly fan of the sneakers I love to wear them everyday hehehe.

And the top of animal print by Gina Tricot it's very fashionable and yes I also liked to exercise with nice clothes =).

Unknown said...

Very cute running shoes, and outfits...totally inspires one to daughter runs cross country...maybe I will try this summer!!

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!But...why Nike?I'm a tennis player and i refuse to buy nothing from that brand..(not even a headband in my home!).It's a personal choice (mine and fortunately for a lot of people with me).Nike is one of the few brands nowadays that refused to sign a document where brand undertake not to take advantage of child labor in poor countries.Those children are payed few dollars a day for 12 hours making shoes and sportwear.I dont like my money to fill this people pockets.
We all know you're a sensitive i'm sure you didn't know about this issue..many people too ignore this.As customers we can close our eyes or battle this by not buying Nike products.Ciao dear...take care!:-)

Anonymous said...

Working on a very busy hospital ward goes some way to providing me with exercise :-) I've just completed a 14 hour shift and after running around for sick people all day I'm now knackered, that left inguinal hernia has advanced a little more ( I know what the warning signs feel like after suffering a right inguinal hernia 7 years ago ), and I can't walk properly :-)