Thursday, April 25, 2013


Good morning,

Yesterday I had a great day and things just made me happy and filled with joy and happiness. Love:=)

Ever since I was really young I´ve loved angels and I have many of them surrounding me daily in my home. Yesterday I got this lovely door sign I´ll put up on our door today:

Another thing I love is my Jesus statue I bought in Rio de Janeiro. This stands on top of our kitchen:

Nice, don´t you think?

I´ve always believed that if you wish for something to happen and see it before you, pray for it to come to you and are thankful for everything you have in life every day . miracles do happen. Yesterday, I had one of those moments and I am just so thankful today;=)


Anonymous said...

I wish for a miracle today! I wish that the end result of my tests will be positive :-)

Unknown said...

oona: I send lots of positive energy your way and I´m sure it´ll be a miracle happening;=)

Vinga said...

Hi Nettie,
How are You ?
I think this is very nice stuff I love angels too ;) I buy some for my princess :)

I wish You good day
Take care
With Love

Anonymous said...

Thank you my dear ;-)) I'll keep that in mind in a few hours! You're an angel!

Anonymous said...

I really like your statue of Jesus! :-) It looks great :-) I also like the way you've made it stand over everything in the kitchen, just like the real one stands over everything in Brazil

And to Oona, I can understand why you're anxious today. I really hope everything will be ok with your results. Take care :-)

matotu said...

Beautiful and inspiring words at the end. About week ago I changed my desktop and it says: MAKE MIRACLES HAPPEN. Have a great day!

Unknown said...

I like the sign and the Jesus statue.
Good to hear that you had a good day. Hope it continues.

misssan said...

owwn Rio de Janeiro, my city *_*

Hope you come back one day, dear Netie =)

Keep your joy =)

Unknown said...

Miracles do happen! wonders around us, into our children, in our music, in our home. Miracles are everywhere!

Rosana said...

Jesus is from my country :-) here is called " Cristo Redentor " ,Some day hope you here again in tour or only a visit with the family :-) hugs from São Paulo