Saturday, April 27, 2013


Yes! Just booked a vacation to Greece in august!:-) 
longing already!!


Unknown said...

Jealous. Haha


Océane said...

Wow im jealous! :) i thought you wouldnt go abroad before a while cause you said you wanted to enjoy Sweden after travelling so much with NW! But good for you, im sure its going to be awesome! :)
And the place looks like a paradise!

Have a great day!
Love & Hugs

Betty Blue said...

That sounds lovely! Will you take the kids with you or will it just be you and Johan?

Unknown said...

Betty: the kids will join us:-)

XxBriannaxX said...

Feeling very jealous. I've never even been out of my own state! I hope you have lots of fun in Greece.. that will definitely be a good time. :-)

Anna said...

Congratulations little Mio!!!
1 month already!!!!

P.S. I am so envy you!!! Greece like paradise....

Betty Blue said...

Lovely indeed! I am sure you will have a great vacation in Greece :-)

Philippa said...

Lovely! Are you going to the mainland or one of the islands? I'm going to Greece as well in June, to Crete :)

Vinga said...

Hi my dear

Wow I think this will be a great time for all of you :)
So.. I wish You a lot of sun :)

Big kiss for your family :) :*

Dalma said...

Typiskt… :D
Du vill resa till södern alltmedan jag skulle gå äntligen norrut om jag hade en chans. Särsklit om det är sommar. Om jag bara kunde resa till Sverige eller Finland i sommar!

Sommarn har nämligen börjat här och jag har tröttnat på den. Behöver du några grader? =)

Ha en bra dag,

matotu said...

Greece! Nice news. I have been there two times and last summer on Crete I thought I could live there. It´s beautiful there. And great weather :-).
Love & hugs,

saskia said...

congrats vbacation is great. in 2 or 3 weeks my family ( parents big sister and me) have vacation in austria. and it will be very great 1 week in a small hotel away from any stress going hiking in the mo0untains it will be great. But greek sounds really great to wish you a wonderfull weekend

Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Cool! :)

Could you take me with you then in august? Pleeeease :D :D
Just kidding, of course :)

I´ve never been to Greece so far, but I´m really interested in seeing it one day. I really like the landscape I know from pictures. I think it´s also very interesting in the historical aspect and I´m very interested in history, esoecially the antique times and the middle ages.

I also don´t really care about the actual political problems between my country Germany and Greece. I don´t know if you heard about this already, but the thing is Greece is in a financial crisis at the moment as you surely know and they demand help from germany, which our government gives them. But many germans aren´t happy about that, they say this is our money whe spend for the greece people but we need it ourselves. Me, I`m not really interested in politics and I don´t know all the exact story. But I don´t see such a big problem in that. It might be true that it´s Greece´s own fault that they have this financial crisis, but should we watch them starving because of this? If we inGermany had the same problem, we also would be happy if we received financial help from other countries then, wouldn´t we? The EU is a union and it should act like that. That´s my opinion.

To the other germans reading this blog, what do you think about that? I´d be interested.

And to you, Anette, congrats to your booking and of course you can tell your opinion to about that situation, if you want :).

Have a nice day and please take good care of your self always.


Melanienemo (Love Anette Olsson Forever.) said...

Hei Anette !
Ohhh great destination !!
Have a good time ! Take more sun & rest !
Where you go in Greece ? Athene ?
Take care :*

Nikos said...

Cool! Where in Greece?

Anonymous said...

Hi Anette :)
Oh, looks like a nice holiday in the sun. Hope you'll enjoy it a lot. I'm doing quite the opposite this year. Means I'm spending two weeks in Finland this July. Going to be interesting for sure.

Greetings and hugs from Germany

Unknown said...

Philippa: We´re going to Crete;=)

Philippa said...

Funny coincidence! Crete is a fabulous island :)

Gemi said...

Γεια Αννεττε! Εγώ ήμουν στην Ελλαδα περσι και μου άρεσε παρα πολύ! Φέτος πάω στην Ελλάδα πάλι για μία χρόνια.
Greece is fantastic! and the people are very nice and friendly! You will not regret!! It´s amazing :D

matotu said...

Crete! Great! I´m sure you will enjoy it. Can I know where in Crete? We were in Hersonissos and I loved it.

Nikos said...

Crete is nice! Haven't been there myself but my dad is from Crete!

Carol Misokane said...

Hello dear Nettan, how are you doing?
I don't know how long I've been far away from here, but there isn't a day I don't think about you and your music.
Tonight I'll watch to the movie and I expect so much because of the parts I have seen before, specially Slow Love Slow, you look too great and this song was made for you and enchants me everytime I listen to.
You know, today I missed you more than ever, I tried to sing the whole album but when I get to Rest Calm a big sadness came to my heart, because it was for you to be there, and so another one is =(. I'm sorry, but I needed to share this with you. I'm really sorry if I'm saying bad things to you =/.

Okay, let's talk about a good thing...your trip to Greece. It's very nice when we can go somewhere so beautiful.
Since I left home I hate travelling, but this summer I'll take vacations too and I'll go home. Can't wait for this time, it's been almost three years since I left and I miss home so much. I have a theory we cannot be happy away from home, for home is where our heart is.
For sure I'd be there yet if you were in the band still, because they'll play in Japan in May and I long to see you, but maybe next time, after your album be released =).

So, I hope you all are doing too great, now you have three children to care about, of couse Seth is almost a little man haha, but the responsability is big, but not bigger than the love and the happiness.
May your night be full of love and joy and blessings.



Karin said...

Hello there Anette!
I haven't had so mich money this year, due to the divorce.. But now, me and my ex have sold our home, so I will get some money next month:) And I got a new home , too, for me and my children. A smaller place, but it will be ok, and we will make it our home.
But I will have some money, so I am gonna treat myself and the children with a holidaytrip somewhere. To the sun and warmth....
In june we , me and my brother , and our children, are making a small trip to Oslo , to go and visit the Thor Heyerdahl-museum. My son Tim and his cousin Troy are really interested in that right now!
Springtime is so wonderful:life is somehow easier, in spite of all things that seems hard and difficult...
It is the time of year you enjoy life :)

Unknown said...

Hi Anette!

Crete is so beautifull :D And really nice people there! And the greek food.. jummie :D

A time ago you said world without end was really nice. Well I'm watching it now, I saw 3 episodes and I love it!!! I think you will like Pillars of the Earth also ;) Is from the same writer.


July said...

Ohh Anette that's amazing!!!

It's great know about your travel plans! just relax and enjoy every moment there and of course take so many pics for us! Greece it's a magnific place and I'm bet on august the weather it's perfect!

eva fliesaway said...

Hey Anette,

I am jealous, this place looks just awesome! ;)
I wondered if you know this: it's from a german castingshow called 'The voice of Germany KIDS' and this girl is like 7 or 8 years old ;) i think it's worth wantching till the end, i was so flashed!
I wondered what you think about sending such little kids to castingshows?

Beatrix said...

Greece! It sounds great!
You spent some time there last year with your mother and sister, if I remember well. Is it the same place that you are going to visit?
Have a lovely evening now!

littlemimo said...

Oh, I'm jealous I didn't plane anything for this summer. I'll finish my job in the end of July so I hope that I'll go somewhere during maybe one week in August !
I just want to be in August (I have to finish my thesis in 2 weeks, and after I'll work arg :'( ).


Annia said...

Nice...I live in Greece and i'm very happy you chose my country for your doesn't matter which town or island Greece will welcome you and your family and i hope that you will have a perfect stay...It has nothing to do that i am Greek i believe that Greece is a paradise on earth,especially the place that i am living...:)

Unknown said...

does that mean you wont be releasing your solo album anytime soon ??? I cant wait to buy it !

'lost on life street' will rock !!!

Unknown said...

Crete great! glad you'll be visiting my country! Love you Anette!

mimmuli said...

Hi Nettan!
Your hotel is next to ours ;)Shame, won´t be there at the same time, but we´ll keep the sunbeds warm for you ;) (we´ll spend there 2 weeks in end of July). Last summer we were there 2 weeks in August. I loved it! +35 everyday, soooo nice. The wind makes it better, otherwise it could have been even too hot ;) Such a lovely village, just walks away from shopping and restaurants, but the hotel area is sooooo quiet and nice to live with little children. And the FOOD there is SO GOOD (goodbye all diets ;) )
I'm missing back already, still 11 weeks to wait (yes, i'm counting days :D) Have a nice vacation!

If curious, here is a link to last summer foto album ;)

Unknown said...

Mia; Kiitoksia for the lovely photos and your story;=) It sure looks wonderful and we booked direct access to the pool and all inclusive so will be NICE:=) and great that the food was so good! I´ll take some trips to the gym and burn it off afterwards;=) Enjoy your stay there!

Unknown said...

Oceane: No, I don´t really look forward to the trip itself, flying and so on, but being by the pool resting for a week compensates that;=)