Monday, February 27, 2017

And a new week starts=)

Hey all!

So a new week starts and the last days of February are here! Its getting warmer, lighter and for me it´s like an awakening from a long dark sleep. I really don´t like the winter months cause I am a person that need day light and sunshine. But now it´s soon those lovely spring months and I am so happy=)

Today I am off to school in the afternoon for some work and luckily no snow when driving today. I drive 1,5 hour in the forest and I just hate driving when it´s slippery and truck drivers just pass you as if it was summer!

About the album: the cover artwork is now ready and approved by me, Jani and Frontiers and it looks so good!=) 

AND hey, did you SEE amazing Zlatan make Manchester United champions yesterday? He´s the MAN!!

Ok, time to hit the shower and get ready for school but here´s some outfit photos for you=)

Love and light,

Skirt H&M, bag LOUIS VUITTON, boots ZARA, tshirt GANNI, cardigan jacket SOAKED IN LUXURY, (last photo: blazer WEAR M BY M, bag RIKA)


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Early morning to the studio=)

Hey all and happy Saturday!

I have been up early working on the two songs I am recording today in the studio for mine and Jani´s album=)

so fun and today two faster songs so extra fun cause I just love Jani´s faster songs. If you like Scaretale and so on in the style and tempo one of these will be your favorite=)

Now some more warm up exercises and I use Cathrine Sadolin´s programme. And I also always sing Phantom of the opera=) A great warm up song!

Love and light

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Art work

Hey all,

So today I recieved the very first look on the art work for our cover to the album for me and Jani=)

It looks super good and I am so happy to see everything starting to come together. Jani is working hard to get me the last songs and I got two more demos that I have tried the keys for so now we´ll see if I will hit the studio on sunday to record something on these new ones.

Then it´s only ONE more song left for me to hear before all the songs are heard and lead vocals soon all ready!

Are u as excited as me???=)

Happy days!

Love and light,

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

todays song


since it was Valentine´s day yesterday how about some LOVE song??=)

LOVE this!!


Spring feelings

Hi all!

Yesterday the sun started warming up our city and I love it! I love spring and as soon as the light comes after the darker winter it doesn´t matter if its still some snow on the ground cause I just get so much energy and more urge to be outside and take photos=)

So here´s my latest outfits and forest photos for you!

Love and light,

Thursday, February 09, 2017

This song=)

My new favorite song - here you go and happy Thursday!! Hope you all are well=)


Monday, February 06, 2017

And a new week starts

Hey peeps=)

Did u see Lady Gaga´s super bowl performance? What did you think? I love her old songs more than her new so it was great hearing them all again=) 

So a new week is starting and my weekend have been with the family. We´ve been to a big playground kinda area indoors for the kids on saturday and then sunday it was IKEA. 

Today I¨ve finished the project plan for my bachelor essay and hope the examinator wont hate it to  much=) Fingers crossed!

Here´s my latest outfits for ya!

Enjoy this week!

1. Jeans from DSQUARED2, shoes PURA LOPEZ, bag RIKA, shirt BY MALENE BIRGER, top ZARA

 2. Blouse H&M, skirt RIKA, leggings H&M, boots ZARA

Friday, February 03, 2017

Back or forward?

Hey peeps and happy Friday!

Well today I want to write about that thing when people should let go of something. And I mean especially my time in NW and all that happened.

I still get requests to talk about that situation in magazines and interviews and I also get requests to sing NW songs in concerts.

For me, I was so damn angry when it all happened and a long time after as you know. Nothing weird about that, its like a divorce and the stages to go through are sadness, anger and then finally acceptance.

Today I am not angry or sad or anything anymore and therefore its for me strange why I should talk about these things again, when for me, it doesnt matter anymore.

I am happy and content with my life I have and I know how sad and down I was the last years in the band. 

So when these interview requests show up I say that I dont wanna talk about those things anymore but of course the journalist want to. So that´s sad cause then I wont do interviews.

For me, dwelling over the past is no use for anyone. Can we just move on? They are at peace, I am at peace and thats great. Leave it be, everyone!

Love and light,