Monday, February 27, 2017

And a new week starts=)

Hey all!

So a new week starts and the last days of February are here! Its getting warmer, lighter and for me it´s like an awakening from a long dark sleep. I really don´t like the winter months cause I am a person that need day light and sunshine. But now it´s soon those lovely spring months and I am so happy=)

Today I am off to school in the afternoon for some work and luckily no snow when driving today. I drive 1,5 hour in the forest and I just hate driving when it´s slippery and truck drivers just pass you as if it was summer!

About the album: the cover artwork is now ready and approved by me, Jani and Frontiers and it looks so good!=) 

AND hey, did you SEE amazing Zlatan make Manchester United champions yesterday? He´s the MAN!!

Ok, time to hit the shower and get ready for school but here´s some outfit photos for you=)

Love and light,

Skirt H&M, bag LOUIS VUITTON, boots ZARA, tshirt GANNI, cardigan jacket SOAKED IN LUXURY, (last photo: blazer WEAR M BY M, bag RIKA)



SCDC65 said...

I agree about the winter weather, spring, FUN-mmer and fall are much better.

Elvenpath said...

You look AMAZING!! That coat is lovely <3 Here instead in Argentina, autumn is gonna start soon. And summer is very hot so it isn't too enjoyable, but there's a lot of light and nature around my house (plus a river is relatively near) so it's nice :) Greetings and have a nice time! ^^