Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sweden rock magazine interview

I just saw that the new Sweden Rock Magazine where I´m doing an interview is out so I need to head out and get me a copy and if you´re from Sweden I suggest you do it too=)


Extra nice to share the first page with such a nice man as Tommi Iommi who I had the privilege to meet backstage when we played in UK in our DPP tour=)

ENJOY your evening! 
I´m off to the crossfit gym for today´s WOD! Hep hep!!

Spring feelings;=)

Good morning!

Yesterday I had a lovely long morning walk for some hours and I love that we now officially have SPRING here in south of Sweden;=) Welcome spring, I´m so happy you´re back!!

I met some nice deers on my way through the forest and they were so calm and not afraid at all. Amazing=)

Yesterday I had some really nice blessings coming my way and I am so thankful for that! When I went to church to light a candle I got to hear some lovely choir singing when they were sound checking for a concert later yesterday night with a Swedish artist called Nordman. Sounded lovely!

Monday, February 24, 2014

An interview and review from Fireworks=)

Here you go and BIG thanks to Carl Buxton for this wonderful review;=)

A really nice review of my album SHINE

Hi all,

Here´s a really nice review of my upcoming album SHINE from getreadytorockme.uk;=)

ENJOY the reading and BIG thanks to Pete Whalley for this wonderful review;=)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A really nice review of my album from Matterz

Here you go, a review of my upcoming album SHINE made by  Matterz from UK:

Anette Olzon `Shine' Review

Anette Olzon



 For people have never been in a band, it’s hard to envisage the troubles that can occur between people that on the outside seem like a Disney fairytale but scratch under that and the way people eat their breakfast will piss you off after enough time. We should all be aware now about Nightwish and their singer matter, first Tarja and then Anette Olzon.
Anette Olzon is back in the limelight and ready with her forthcoming album entitled `Shine’, produced by Stefan Orn, famed for his work on the 2011 Eurovision Finnish song contest winning `Running Scared’ so it has a good backing already. The first question for many will be `how much does it sound Nightwish?’
To answer that question, it does, after all Anette’s voice was Nightwish for 5 years and in that time two incredible albums was released. Anette’s vocals always seemed better suited to the slower songs such as `Slow, Love, Slow’ from `Imaginaerium’, which perfectly complimented Anette’s less bombastic approach. This album is far more along those lines, less bombastic than Nightwish, using the strengths of Anette’s voice to much better effects. For `Shine’, however Anette seems to have given herself freedom to express her musical wants rather than be limited to the Nightwish sound.
Without doubt, Anette has a wonderful voice, her range on this album is exquisite and I wonder how Nightwish would have developed under Anette’s third album but it would have still remained in the Nightwish soundscape. Yes it’s less rock and certainly has more pop/ballad approach but it’s a lovely statement from Anette and one that will have her back on her feet and touring once more.
Stand out tracks:
`Floating’, `Lies’ and `Falling’.
8.5/10- Anette’s vocals shine through.
Review by Nathan Kerridge-Porter

Matterz has reviewed Anette Olzon's new album `Shine'.
Check the review here.

My web site is finally up and running again=)

My record label has fixed my web site so now you can follow me in there again;=)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Birds are singing=)

Yesterday on my morning walk it was raining at first but when we came down to the ocean, it stopped and I could take some lovely morning grey ocean photos for you;=) Spring is here for sure!

Monday, February 17, 2014

A lovely taste of pre-spring=)

Hi all;=)

Today it´s been a wonderfully beautiful day here in Helsingborg with spring in the air. 
+7 degrees, blue sky, sun and I even saw some spring flowers during the 3 h long walk around my city this morning=)

Took some lovely photos for you, ENJOY!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lyrics for LIES

Hi all and THANKS for all of the support and wonderful response I´ve gotten everywhere for my single LIES;=) It truly makes me so HAPPY and EXCITED!

I´ve gotten some requests for the lyrics for LIES so here it is:

(Anette Olzon, Stefan Örn, Johan Glössner)

Thousand lights passing by
Stories floating around
Silence is long gone by now
All the wishes we had
Dreams that we shared

I remember the time
Closing down open doors
Making fences grow strong
Burning the plants that had grown
Deep inside from the time when love was our life
Now it´s goodbye

All of the LIES just passing us by
I´m holding to keep it inside
Why no wrong can´t be right
All the wonders are gone
No more flowers will fall tonight
All of the LIES just passing us by

Threads of life going by
Precious moments run by
Tossing and turning our minds
All the magic is gone
No more feelings of hope

Will we ever forgive
Will the wounds start to heal
I´m tired of pushing the day
Putting down all behind- moving away

All of the LIES just passing us by
I´m holding to keep it in sight
Why no wrong can´t be right
All the wonders are gone
No more flowers will fall tonight
All that is gone just passing us by

LIES just passing us by
I´m holding to keep it in sight
Why no wrong can´t be right
All the wonders are gone
No more flowers will fall tonight
All that is gone just passing us by

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A wonderful piano cover of my song LIES

If you want to listen to a wonderful piano cover of my song LIES - Dean Kopri has made one and may I say I am so honored and awed cause I wish I could play the piano as he can;=)

Thanks Dean for honoring my song like this, you are so talented and gifted!

Enjoy his talent below;=)

Friday, February 14, 2014

And here it is! My video for LIES!


Finally - my single LIES is out;=)

Hi all my dear ones and a 


For me, this day is EXTRA filled with LOVE since today my single LIES is finally out in ITUNES and my video for it will be premiered today=)

I so hope you will like it as much as I do. This song is one of my own favorites from my album SHINE and is also one that I really love to sing due to its dynamics, spinning from using my lower voice to my head voice and then some raspy rock´n roll voice=) Fun!

Here´s all the different local premieres of the video in different countries and the BIG formal premiere is on Ear musics official you tube channel this afternoon at 16! The video is directed by the amazing Patric Ulleus from Revolver and he´s done the video exactly as my vision was and he is a wizard;=)

Video premieres 13.02.14
GERMANY – www.myvideo.de/channel/earMUSIC
5pm CET

Video premieres 14.02.14
FR – Radio Metal (radiometal.com)
11am CET

SE – RockNytt (rocknytt.net)
11am CET

ES – Mariskalrock (mariskalrock.com)
11am CET

CZ – Spark Magazine (spark-rockmagazine.cz)
11am CET

PL – Onet (onet.pl)
11am CET

IT – Metallus (metallus.it)
2pm CET

CH – Metal Inside (metalinside.ch)
2pm CET

UK – Metal Hammer (metalhammer.co.uk) & Prog Magazine (progrockmag.com)
4pm CET

FI – Radio Rock (radiorock.fi)
5pm CET

Video premieres 15.02.14
USA – Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (bravewords.com)
15.02., 12noon EST

Tonight me and Johan will not only celebrate LOVE but also drink champagne to celebrate this day, which is a day I feel so blessed and thankful for. Now I hope you all get my single and dance to LIES with your loved ones or by yourself tonight;=)

With lots of LOVE to you all!!

Friday, February 07, 2014

Here you go! A video teaser for my upcoming single LIES=)

My single LIES will be out as a single and a video next Friday on Valentines´day February 14th;=)

Here´s a video teaser for you!


To read more check out my Facebook or Ear Music´s Facebook:



Friday´s music=)

Hi all!

It´s a rainy day here in Helsingborg and Nemo´s ill so we´re at home taking it easy before I have some more interviews before the weekend;=)

Todays music is one of my favourites from my time with Nightwish. The cover of Michael Nyman - The heart asks pleasure first.  


Wednesday, February 05, 2014

The album cover to my album SHINE is here;=)

Here it is - finally! 

My album cover for SHINE!!! Release date March 28th (26th in Sweden) and you can pre-order it already from iTunes.

I so hope you´ll LOVE it as I LOVE it! This is the vision I had when doing the album and I am so happy that Patric Ulleus could capture this atmosphere I wanted.

And SOON my video and single for LIES will be out;=)

my Facebook for more updates and info!

And the ducks were sleeping

Good morning all!

Yesterday´s morning walk showed a lovely morning sun and lots of ducks who enjoyed it sitting sleeping on the wooden deck by the harbor as I passed them. Is there anything more beautiful or peaceful than nature?

Enjoy this day!!