Thursday, February 20, 2014

A really nice review of my album from Matterz

Here you go, a review of my upcoming album SHINE made by  Matterz from UK:

Anette Olzon `Shine' Review

Anette Olzon



 For people have never been in a band, it’s hard to envisage the troubles that can occur between people that on the outside seem like a Disney fairytale but scratch under that and the way people eat their breakfast will piss you off after enough time. We should all be aware now about Nightwish and their singer matter, first Tarja and then Anette Olzon.
Anette Olzon is back in the limelight and ready with her forthcoming album entitled `Shine’, produced by Stefan Orn, famed for his work on the 2011 Eurovision Finnish song contest winning `Running Scared’ so it has a good backing already. The first question for many will be `how much does it sound Nightwish?’
To answer that question, it does, after all Anette’s voice was Nightwish for 5 years and in that time two incredible albums was released. Anette’s vocals always seemed better suited to the slower songs such as `Slow, Love, Slow’ from `Imaginaerium’, which perfectly complimented Anette’s less bombastic approach. This album is far more along those lines, less bombastic than Nightwish, using the strengths of Anette’s voice to much better effects. For `Shine’, however Anette seems to have given herself freedom to express her musical wants rather than be limited to the Nightwish sound.
Without doubt, Anette has a wonderful voice, her range on this album is exquisite and I wonder how Nightwish would have developed under Anette’s third album but it would have still remained in the Nightwish soundscape. Yes it’s less rock and certainly has more pop/ballad approach but it’s a lovely statement from Anette and one that will have her back on her feet and touring once more.
Stand out tracks:
`Floating’, `Lies’ and `Falling’.
8.5/10- Anette’s vocals shine through.
Review by Nathan Kerridge-Porter

Matterz has reviewed Anette Olzon's new album `Shine'.
Check the review here.


Pascal said...

That was cool now, I closed the blog, then decided to come back in order to leave a comment about the website and right then, there was that new post about the review :).

It´s a very positive review, great that he doesn´t tell too much about the songs, because I prefer to discover them myself when the album is out. But the rating is very good, 8.5 of 10 is clearly a statement :).

And about the website, I really like the design. Great job!

I hope you have a nice day Anette. Take good care!


Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, it sure sounds like a pretty good review! only a bit more wait before we'll be able to ear it ourselves, at least! <3

Samu said...

oHHHH!!! ^____^

Henk said...

Can't wait to hear it! Missed your beautiful and shining voice:)

Carol Misokane said...

Oh my God, Nettan. Now I want to listen to this album more!! I'm pretty sure this is better than any Nightwish's album because now you're singing your own songs and don't have to force yourself, so much better for any singer.
Now the only thing I can do is wait more anxious than before to hear your shining voice.

Love, Carol

S.E. Berrow said...

Lovely review. Can't wait for its release :) x

Unknown said...

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