Friday, November 30, 2012


Hi all=)

And thanks for all your nice good lucks and sweet comments;=) I have to answer them at a later time since I have more rehearsals this afternoon and then need to pick up Nemo from mum´s place and go to the venue again.

But: yesterday was a long day full of mostly waiting. Me and Björn watched Modern family in our backstage, talked about this and that so the day went pass quite fast still. Since its so many artists that are gonna perform the sound check took longer than planned and I could only soundcheck my songs once per song but I am sure it will work out perfectly tonight anyhow since its such professionals in the band, choir and crew working with us;=)

I´ll try and make the interview with Björn today instead also;=)

So, I´ll be back later on and in the meanwhile, here´s some photos from yesterday:

My outfit was a nice printed top and fake leather skirt from Zara, wool leggings from Filippa K and boots from Fiorentine Baker

 Did some more make up due to press and so on being there all day. First I start with a primer on the whole face to make the make up stay on better. Then a foundation from Make up Forever that I apply with a foundation brush. I use concealer on red spots, under the eye, my nose wrinkles and so on. Then I apply my loose powder from YSL before one brown rouge and then on top a pink on the cheek bones. I put some brown eyeshadow on my eyebrows before I used my big make up palette and chose a dark black-silver shadow on the whole eye lid, black eye liner under the eye and false eye lashes to make the eyes pop out. Red lip stick from YSL finishes up the whole make up. Then I curled my hair a bit with my flattener and some hair spray and voilá - ready!

Here´s our backstage;

And here´s one of the artists doing his soundcheck - Eric Saade:

And here´s a Swedish singer Sarah Dawn Finer on stage:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Salmon and chocolate

Good evening all,

Hope you had a wonderful day!

Today I have cooked a new recipe I found at Pernilla´s blog - a really yummie salmon in the oven.

Here´s the translated recipe for you:

This is what you need for 4 portions:
4 pieces of salmon
3 dl grated crusted cheese
4 dl cream
1 shallot

2 table spoons concentrated lobster bouillon
salt and pepper

Do like this:
Put the oven at 200 degrees.
Place the salmon filets in a buttered oven pan, heat up a sauce pan and glaze the chopped shallot. Then stir together cream, shallot and bouillon and add salt and pepper and taste.
Pour it over the fish and pour the grated cheese over it all.
Cook in the oven for 25-35 minutes or until the salmon is ready.
Ready to serve. Rice is good to this dish or a nice salad. 
I ate boiled carrots to mine and the kids rice. My carrots are made like this: Take lots of water, add salt and sugar and some butter and the carrots. Boil for appr. 10 minutes or until they are soft. 
For dessert we did one of my favourite things - Chocolate pudding with wipped cream on top. So good;=)

My outfit today have been very easy and black again:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Candlelight spirit

Good evening dear ones;=)

Hope your day was relaxed and nice in every way! Mine has been wonderful and the best thing today was that me and Nicklas has gotten ourselves a studio!;=) Wow! Its just so fun and I can´t think of anyone else I want to own a studio with than dear Nicklas. Now the fun begins!

Then I´ve gotten the nice things I ordered from Hemlängtan today and thanks to them for super fast delivery and wonderful things;=)

The wonderful x-mas candle holders in zink. It says X-mas in Swedish;=) This one is now in our hallway by our big silver mirror.

Here´s the wonderful silver plate I really love. To match it up I went to Indiska to get some nice candle holders and then the little owl could stay;=) I have this on the living room table.

Then the two cool x-mas tree balls are at the moment (awaiting the x-mas tree) in our plants in the living room windows. Also from Hemlängtan.

This beautiful swan was a new decoration in the mall today and it was so beautiful!

Todays outfit was this:

Sleep well everyone and sweet wonderful dreams;=)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Todays outfit

I used these eye shadows today. Silver eyeshadow in the inner eye, then pink on the middle of the eye and dark purple in the outer eye

 Foundation and concealer from Make up forever, loose powder from YSL, rouge from Mac and Diva, lip plumper and purple lip gloss from Make up store. Dry schampoo for the hair from Batiste

 Eyeliner and mascara Hypnose Dolls eyes from Lancome

Monday and thanks=)

So, a new week and not any week but:

- Johan is coming home today;=)

- Rehearsals for the show friday

- Show friday!

- Sunday first of advent and finally its time to count down for x-mas!

Can the week get any better? No!

And then I want to thank you who are following me in here=) And for those who want to make headers and stuff, thanks=) but I think I want to do it myself since I love to be creative=)

Enjoy this day now and hope you´ll have a great day!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

My day...

...has been full since early morning with visiting the studio we are interested of buying, me and Niclas, then coffee and breakfast at mum´s place, visiting Mio furniture store to check out a new lamp and then Väla, the big mall to get some stuff for the show on friday and other nice things like candles and so on.

 A rainy, windy and very grey day outside so better stay indoors

A cool lamp I saw in Mio store

Loved this combined painting and would love to have in in my home (also from Mio)

 Loved these 70s inspired furnitures, crazy but cool (Mio)

Then in another furniture/decoration store, Chili, I found these nice lamps with horses

 And a really nice painting that would fit in well in my home

In the big mall Väla, they had this cool black fountain with smoking water. Nemo loved it;=)

I have searched a nice silver platter to have lots of candle holders on but no luck so today I searched the internet and finally found a nice internet store, Hemlängtan, where I found it and ordered it. So hope it will be here in some days.

Also got these x-mas tree balls. Like the black and white

 And this nice advent candle that I think will fit our hallway on the bench there