Wednesday, February 24, 2016

music is a healer

And I listen to my favorite band DISTURBED and the music sure helps me now in this situation. 


Love and light,

Saturday, February 20, 2016

MORE items added to my sale in the vintage store!

Added more sale on the items in the store so go and take a look now=)

Sick leave

Sorry for my absence but Mio has been really ill for some days with 40 degrees fever so thats what I´ve been focusing on these days. He´s better today though so really hope its on the way back now=)

Mio has always had problems sleeping and these 3 years he´s only been sleeping 3 nights the whole night through. Horrible for us and for him so now we´ve been to the doctor to check his ears, throat and nose since he can't breathe through his mouth and so on. And the doctor decided he needs a surgery very soon to take away the adenoid in the nose, his tonsils and place tubes in his ears. He said this usually make the children sleep all night but of course we can't now until its done.

I can say I am afraid of having my little one undergo surgery cause there´s always a risk with surgeries but at the same time it must be horrible for him to not be able to breathe properly and sleep as many hours as he need.

Will post more about this when its closing in on the date and so on.

Love and light,

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

BIG sale in my vintage store NOW

Almost everything on half price (except recent items)

Go and get something nice for spring!=)


Some days when I feel my energy is low and things might go a bit against my desires and those thoughts of disbelief and negativity can start to try and pop up, I go to the church and sit there and ground myself. Its a comfort for me to go there and I can feel when I leave how my stress has left me, how my negative voice inside stops and how I can turn the negative event into a positive event instead.

And my church, Mariakyrkan, is the most beautiful one where I have gotten married, baptized my two smallest boys and been singing a lot of awesome gospel concerts and weddings=)

I see the church from all my windows at home=)

Lit a candle for my loved lost ones

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bye bye outfit

Well hello dear ones=)

Oh its been so cold here some days and today when I woke up it was -7 degrees outside and all I wanted to do was cuddle my pillow some more and stay inside=)

BUT can't do that of course being a mother and a student so I went out and it was cold and I longed for warmer days when I can wear a cooler outfit than gloves, UGGS and winter jacket=( 

So here´s my pick for today and if you don't recognize the skirt I can tell that its the one I had on in the BYE BYE BEAUTIFUL video and also our first show in Israel=)

Skirt custom made in Los Angeles, boots PRADA, top BY MALENE BIRGER, necklace ZARA

Monday, February 15, 2016


These jeans are still one of my absolute favorites in the closet and I´ll never let them go=) Love the skull and the fit and well, u all know DSQUARED2 jeans are what I LOVE=)

Paired with a black polo from ZARA and sneakers GUCCI


Finally some nicer weather and even if its colder I like that the sun comes out now and then=)

here´s from my saturday by the ocean!

Favorite outfit all time for me is blue jeans and sneakers=) here DSQUARED2 jeans and GUCCI sneakers.

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Saturday and here´s my outfit and even went out for some minutes in the COLD weather to snap them for you=)


Jeans DSQUARED2, shirt and ear rings H&M, boots PENELOPE CHILVERS, leather top BY MALENE BIRGER, head band STUDIO STILISTA, nail polish MAKE UP STORE, sunglasses ZARA

Ocean walk

Yesterday morning I took a walk by the ocean in the morning, getting energy and feeling how I love to live on this Earth. I feel privileged to live here, to be able to see such wonderful sceneries and have such amazing environment just around the corner from where we live. 

LOVE and thank GOD for letting me walk this Earth- grateful!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Striped love

Long cosy dress anyone? I love this one! So comfy and at the same time cool with the colors in the arms=) From H&M and in store now.

shoes are also H&M but last summer, hair bow H&M

Thursday, February 11, 2016

LOVE this song!

Oh Miley, how you sing this song! LOVE it!


2 weeks and -1,2 kilos down with LIFE SUM

Hello everyone and hope all is well=)

So a little update on my journey to eat better, exercise hard and loose some weight.

I use an app called LIFESUM  and I love it! It´s really super for a person like me who eat so little and need to write down everything I exercise and eat to get enough calories. And its hard for me to eat all the calories but at least I eat the calories I really NEED to eat and it has given results already.

Not only in that I´ve lost kilos- cause thats not the most important thing - but that I have lots of energy now, I am not totally tired all the time, I am happier, I feel more positive, I don't loose as much hair anymore and I feel LIFE IS DAMN GOOD=)

So if you, like me, need to keep track of yourself and your eating I really recommend this app!

Search for LIFESUM in the app store!

In two weeks I´ve lost 1,2 kilos and its the perfect "speed" cause losing weight should take time if you want to keep the results and I also know I gain muscles=)

Today I ran 45 minutes and yesterday was leg day!

Love and light,

Blue blue oceans

I love this blue leopard blouse I got years ago. This is what I love when it comes to my clothes, some items are just favorites that work every single year and I never want to get rid of them. I sell lots of my clothes but I have stuff I´ll never get rid off and this blouse is such a thing=)

Since a trend now is to turn the blouse backwards I did that and it works but the arm puffs that are built in made it a bit less cool so I´ll try this trend with another kind of blouse too. I really love open backs and buttons and bows and details in the back of a top/blouse so who can't love this trend?

Jeans H&M, blouse BY MALENE BIRGER, shoes CHANEL, hair bow H&M, ear rings DIOR

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sequin under jeans?

Ok, so I tried a new trend again and this is the trend with sequin pants under a pair of jeans and well, it was cool and such but I believe u need to have a pair of jeans that are much shorter, like knee length or just below to make the sequins shine brighter=)

Otherwise it was actually comfy and warm to have them underneath so perfect now for winter temperatures=) And its also in fashion now with a bow in front of your top so I am happy I save stuff from last season and this top fit right in=) Re-use and SAVE stuff that u like cause it all just go round and round in fashion and clothes.

Jeans H&M, sequin pants LES CHIFFONIERS, sneakers NIKE, top ZARA

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Add some silver

Silver is in the loop in fashion now so yesterday I added my lovely silver shoes from ZARA to my outfit. Fun trend and you can add shoes in silver, or why not a silvery bomber jacket?

And still indoor photos, sorry for that, but it´s raining and raining outside so we´ll have to hope for some better weather soon and until then indoor shoots.

Black top H&M TREND, jeans ANINE BING, shoes ZARA

Tuesday inspo

Well hello Tuesday!! 

When I saw this outfit inspo yesterday I felt I NEED to take out my sequin pants and add them under a pair of jeans! NOW!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!=)

Photo borrowed from

If u want the same look but in budget or luxury price check out my picks below;



1.Sequin pants from ISABEL MARANT                                    2.jeans from DSQUARED2


1. Sequin pants from H&M  2. jeans from ZARA