Thursday, February 04, 2016

Nude tones

One favorite of mine during winter is nude and beige colors. And today I had all nude and no make up and new fresh colored hair roots=) Can it be better? Nemo is ill so we´re at home and Mio wanted to join the photo session so I took some cool shots of him too. I can only share one with us two since I don't want to share his face but the photos are lovely=)

Oh, the heart crayon black board behind us is clean but with the flash on it all of a sudden look really dirty, haha=)

White top underneath ODD MOLLY, poncho SESSION FEMININE, leather pants BY MALENE BIRGER, shoes and ear rings H&M,  bag from VICTORIA´S SECRET

Mio has a top from LINDEX

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Hep-Hep Steff said...

awww, the pic with mio is so cute.... and you really look lovely. <3