Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Some days when I feel my energy is low and things might go a bit against my desires and those thoughts of disbelief and negativity can start to try and pop up, I go to the church and sit there and ground myself. Its a comfort for me to go there and I can feel when I leave how my stress has left me, how my negative voice inside stops and how I can turn the negative event into a positive event instead.

And my church, Mariakyrkan, is the most beautiful one where I have gotten married, baptized my two smallest boys and been singing a lot of awesome gospel concerts and weddings=)

I see the church from all my windows at home=)

Lit a candle for my loved lost ones


Anonymous said...

My favourite church is Chesterfield Parish Church because the spire is completely twisted, it looks really strange!

Lichtgestalt said...

This church is really beautiful. :) And I couldn't agree more, I love chapels. You can definitely feel the peaceful aura from these places and it really calms the soul.