Saturday, February 06, 2016

Variation is the key

Hi all and happy Saturday=)

I feel asleep already at 22 yesterday totally exhausted from a hard HIT (high intensity) exercise at the gym yesterday=) It was SO fun and like crossfit in many ways, working in stations with burpees, running like hell, push ups and so on. 55 minutes and then I was so happy but a bit dead after my 6 days of exercising. But my body starts to get used to the hard work and today its my resting day but I actually jumped out of bed and WANT to hit the gym, haha!

 I want to encourage you to variate your exercising. Mix different cardio styles, mix gym with classes and so on. That way, your body will work every muscle and also you will not get tired of doing the same thing.

Also, eating food again make me so strong and its just amazing to see what food makes to our body. yes, this is no sudden truth but for me, who is really bad at eating, it still amazes me=)

So EAT my dear ones and move and exercise cause not only does it do good for the physical of your body but also for the MIND. Happy hormones will make you feel better and happier. If you only work through the first 3 weeks, which is the amount of time it takes to implement a new routine in your life, then I promise it will feel like a life style and you can feel the good things about it.

And I also want to urge you to write down what you exercise, eat and so on. It make you know if you eat to much, to little and if you move as much as the body needs.

NOT to just loose weight and so on, cause its not all about that, but to also know you give your body the nourishment it need every day.

Love and light,

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