Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Leg day

So today it was cardio and leg day on my schedule and first I ran on the tread mill for 30 minutes and then I did my leg session. I can't do cardio after my leg exercises, I tried to run after my leg session last week but my legs just collapsed on the tread mill haha! So I do cardio first and then lift.

When I do my gym sessions I do every muscle with a cycle where I first do 12 reps with a lower weight. Then I increase the weight a little bit and do 10 reps, then add more weight and to 8 reps, then the heaviest weight and 6 reps and then I end with a middle weight and 12 reps again. A good way to really pump the muscle out.

Today I also used the bosu ball and did squats balancing on it to both get some balancing exercising and work the butt. 



supershredgod said...

Such an inspiration Anette! You're in better shape than I am and I'm quite a bit younger! Still waiting for that bikini blog showing off them fitness gains! ;) Keep rockin' it Anette and take care!

Wall said...

Nice :) I use a similar app called Cronometer. But it tracks only the food and it is free in it's online version. Absolutely awesome!