Thursday, February 11, 2016

2 weeks and -1,2 kilos down with LIFE SUM

Hello everyone and hope all is well=)

So a little update on my journey to eat better, exercise hard and loose some weight.

I use an app called LIFESUM  and I love it! It´s really super for a person like me who eat so little and need to write down everything I exercise and eat to get enough calories. And its hard for me to eat all the calories but at least I eat the calories I really NEED to eat and it has given results already.

Not only in that I´ve lost kilos- cause thats not the most important thing - but that I have lots of energy now, I am not totally tired all the time, I am happier, I feel more positive, I don't loose as much hair anymore and I feel LIFE IS DAMN GOOD=)

So if you, like me, need to keep track of yourself and your eating I really recommend this app!

Search for LIFESUM in the app store!

In two weeks I´ve lost 1,2 kilos and its the perfect "speed" cause losing weight should take time if you want to keep the results and I also know I gain muscles=)

Today I ran 45 minutes and yesterday was leg day!

Love and light,


Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, it's amazing!

Karin said...

I got the app, and I'm excited to see if it works.
I filled in today's eatings, and according to the programme I've not been eating enough.
I am aware of that, and like you : it is not that easy to eat what you are supposed to eat :)
And also: I drink too little. It's so hard to drink water! I actually don't like the taste of it. And yes I have been trying with lemon, ginger, berries... I still don't like it.
I've been trying to lose some kilos, but it is so hard! Thought I've been eating right, training...
So, let's see what will happen :)

-För många år sedan hade Viktväktarna ett program med poäng, lite på samma sätt. Man skrev in vad du åt, och hur mycket man rörde på sig osv. Det var jätteroligt, och jag gick ner 1/2 kg i veckan. Men okej: jag var ju som sagt yngre då :)
Vi får nog kämpa på, vi 40-something ... :)

Karin said...

Anette, en fråga ang Lifesum ;
Hur fyller jag i träning om jag varit på gymmet: threadmill, tyngder, ja hela programmet? :) Nu satt jag gång/löpning 30 min, och "kondition" 1h...
Har du något bättre förslag?


Unknown said...

Hej karin! du väljer Min träning och sedan får du skriva t ex löpband och då får iallafall jag upp olika varianter och hastigheter etc och så väljer jag tid jag tränat. Likadant med styrketräning. Har du tränat lättare vikter väljer du styrka lätt och hård styrka hård och så minuter. Kram!

Karin said...

Aah visst jo : styrketräning och löpband var de rätta orden !
Tusen tack :)