Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bye bye outfit

Well hello dear ones=)

Oh its been so cold here some days and today when I woke up it was -7 degrees outside and all I wanted to do was cuddle my pillow some more and stay inside=)

BUT can't do that of course being a mother and a student so I went out and it was cold and I longed for warmer days when I can wear a cooler outfit than gloves, UGGS and winter jacket=( 

So here´s my pick for today and if you don't recognize the skirt I can tell that its the one I had on in the BYE BYE BEAUTIFUL video and also our first show in Israel=)

Skirt custom made in Los Angeles, boots PRADA, top BY MALENE BIRGER, necklace ZARA


Karin said...

It is THAT skirt :). Well, I must admit : that was the first time I saw you. ( I've seen pics of course). In that video. I remember I thought it was cool, that YOU were so cool :) I liked you instantly. Your moves, your singing, your clothes..
It hit me!

Hahaa , yes, this is a love-declaration ;)
This skirt is historical !

This puts me going down on memory lane: I' ve been listening to your Nightwish lately. And I must say: I miss it somehow. I know you've heard this a thousand times. Talked about it, hearing comments...
But you know: that music will live and exist forever. You will always be there in Nightwish, in those songs. And still when I listen to them, it strikes me how good you made those songs. How perfectly your voice made it, how you gave that sometimes heavy symphotic metal music the lightness, the angel-like, the perfect contrast.
Nowadays when I listen to them; they sometimes makes me somehow sad, but also so happy.
Well, I should stop now, I' m getting a little bit soft here:)

And oh yes: I listen to you quite often in the gym nowadays :) Both NW and solo. Great powermusic, but also softer.
This morning, after a heavy session, I sat in a massage-chair and listened to " Vintersjäl" . Soooo nice :)

Unknown said...

LOVE this skirt, I recognise it from the video!
It is really cold here in UK too, but it's not as cold as -7 yet!
Sarah xx

Unknown said...

Karin: hey! Yeah it´s THAT skirt that I´ve thought of selling now and then but if theres gonna be ONE stage clothe I will keep it needs to be this one=) Its SO short but awesome=) I´ll rock it when it gets warmer with some leggings underneath.
And yeah, the music we made will forever be there and no matter how many negative comments and haters there will be me and the boys still know what we had and that we had some awesome times and SOLD amazing amounts of albums with DPP. When I get older I´ll think back on the days with a warm feeling and know that time was a hard but very special time in my life. I feel blessed to have been a part of that history and I am happy that I still meet so many regular people even here in my city, that has heard the albums and love them=)
Hugs and keep up the good work with the gym! I am SO sore today after yesterdays killer WO, haha!

Lichtgestalt said...

So many memories! ♥