Monday, February 15, 2016


These jeans are still one of my absolute favorites in the closet and I´ll never let them go=) Love the skull and the fit and well, u all know DSQUARED2 jeans are what I LOVE=)

Paired with a black polo from ZARA and sneakers GUCCI


Unknown said...

Hello Anette! How are you? I love your outfit. The jeans is great. How is the weather in sweden? Yesterday we got snow in germany, but today it is gone already and we have beautiful weather and the sun cames out. But I musst say, I miss the sun and the warm weather know. It is realy cold today.

Lichtgestalt said...

Awww, Anette, you look so adorable! <3 I'm in love with the sneakers.
Seems really cold where you are so I'll send lots of hugs to you. (I'm so funny - ok, not so much) :*