Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Todays spotify list=)

Today´s music is a great artist - Tove Lo. I love her music and I especially love to clean my house to it=)


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Something new on me=)

Well, hello all my dear ones=)

Time is going fast here and my studies at the university are going well so far=) I love to study if I haven't told you that already=) I love to sit at the library with my nose down in the books and my computer and this week I´ve already written almost two essays that are due this week. The funny thing is that I had a horrible week last week where I just couldn't start writing my essay and had a writer´s block and it just made me SO stressed! But then I sat down in the weekend and just started writing and then all of a sudden I went in to a flow. But we learned in the camp we had last week with our school, that this is very common when learning something new. First you get the feeling: I can't make it! I can´t do it! and then all of a sudden it starts to flow and you learn and it goes easy. Weird=)

In 2 weeks a new course is starting and we´ll finally start to have some practical learning, like taking blood pressure, blood samples and so on and I am so longing!! Fun times ahead!

In my music I´m awaiting to start rehearsing for our shows in November with Johan, Rickard and then two new guys - new drummer is Johnny Benson and new guitar player is Axl Ayez=) I am sure we´ll have fun!

So to celebrate my lovely life and this new start I have in my middle life, I decided to have a new tattoo and today I went to a cool studio here in Helsingborg called CROCKED MOON TATTOO where Daniel made a lovely feather behind my ear, down my neck. Its just SO lovely and a feather is perfect! 

Freedom is what the symbol means and yeah, I feel FREE and SO happy=)

So, a little update from me=) I hope you all are doing really well and you know you can follow me more closely in my INSTAGRAM and my FACEBOOK page!

Hugs and love!

Friday, September 19, 2014

This weeks a cappella songs can now be found in my offcial Facebook page=)

This week I focus on singing 2 of my favorite musical songs=)

ENJOY and have a wonderful weekend!!!"

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Todays spotify list=)

Hi all,

Today I give you one of my favourite artists - STING and his wonderful album Symphonicities=)


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

A new a cappella video in my Facebook page now=)

This time a song from Dark Passion play - never played live=)

My merch store=)

Now it´s open so go and get yourself a nice Anette Olzon tshirt or girlie! More items coming soon!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Todays music=)

Happy Friday!!!

sun is shining, I´m heading out to sit and study all day and before that I´ve waken myself up with some music and today I´ve listened to the new album of IN FLAMES - Siren charms. 

I like it and I wonder if they are fans of MUSE cause there are same kind of vocal style and sound in this album. LIKE button is on but maybe some fans think they are sounding to much of Muse and a new sound?

Sneak peek of my new merch that´s coming soon=)

Girlies and t-shirts are ready and soon the web store is up!

Stay tuned=)