Friday, September 12, 2014

A new a cappella video in my Facebook page now=)

This time a song from Dark Passion play - never played live=)


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday my favourite lady Viking! :-)

Well this week, like yourself recently, I've had to endure the ordeal of a visit to the dentist where I had to have a cavity filled. It was top row at the front. As anyone who's visited the dentist will know, while the dentist is operating his dental nurse uses a water spray during procedures. As the cavity was top row at the front whenever his dental nurse used the water spray she kept on repeatedly blasting me up the nose which I found to be very uncomfortable. I think this might of been a consequence of the cavity been front top row which is directly underneath my nostrils. As a result I found it difficult to keep my head still with this going on. So my dentist calmly told me that I needed to keep my head still. Luckily, after he'd said this to me, he only continued for about another minute before he allowed me to take a breather. So I took the opportunity to tell him my problem that the water spray keeps on going up my nostrils. I couldn't believe what he said to me next. He replied 'I've not done anything yet'. I instantly thought NOB HEAD! And before I knew it we were off again just like before with his dental nurse constantly blasting me up the nostrils with water spray. This also blocks out my only other available avenues for oxygen. So I held up my left hand and did he acknowledge this. No. He just kept going. Luckily, again not for a long period of time. So I said it again my problem with being constantly blasted up the nostrils with the water spray, to which he said there was nothing he could do about it. Can't his dental nurse aim a bit lower perhaps? Luckily for me the whole thing altogether didn't take very long and thankfully it was over very soon.

Now over to the music and I'm surprised to hear you say that Nightwish have never played this one live before.

Very nice singing too Anette! :-) Bravo my favourite lady Viking! :-) Bravo! :-)

Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, i found it even better than the original!!! what a lovely, pure voice you have...
oh, and i posted on your fb wall a pic of me wearing your necklace, i hope you saw it (i don't want to bother you with an email)... i received it yesterday, along with your lovely card and message, and i could tell you that i LOVE it! did you had it for a long time? :)
hugs for you, and kisses & love to share with you family <3

Pascal said...

That cover version is amazing and perfect again, as always. I really love it and I surely can´t imagine you would ever make a cover that is not so good. Another ones I think would be great are two songs of Game of Thrones: The Rains of Castamere and The Bear and the Maiden fair. I´m sure they would sound amazing with your voice :).

Henk said...

one of my favourite songs. and your voice sounds just great in this one, it so kind and beautiful. and I always drops a tear when I listening it)