Sunday, November 27, 2016

Carola in concert

Hi all,

yesterday me and Johan had the pleasure of going to a concert with CAROLA, the singer that some of you might know from winning the Eurovision concert some years ago. She´s been my inspiration as a singer from I was young and I´ve seen here a couple of times during the years. Last time I saw her was also a x-mas show from the album recorded in Betlehem.

This x-mas she´s released a new album and I hadn't heard more than one song before we went and it was nice to not knowing how it would sound. The album has been said to be more intimate and different from her other albums and I must say that I agree. And in a good way I have to add!

Carola is known for her amazing strength in singing and these songs were so soft, so gentle and with such emotions that not only I cried during several songs but also some big men sitting next to me cried. She talked between the songs about her childhood x-mases and both her parents passed away some years and she talked a lot about her father. When she sang the song dedicated to him I cried so much that I almost felt I had to go to the toilet but I had to really breathe through it and cope=) The song is called VINTERSÅNG

THAT is for me what a great concert is about, touching someone as she did last night.

A truly amazing album and I´ve listened all day long and have so many favorites but the song to her father VINTERSÅNG and TRO PÅ EN MORGON are so amazing!

I loved it and am so thankful for such an amazing evening=)


Friday, November 18, 2016


Hi all and happy friday!!

Yesterday I was in the studio again recording for the album with Jani and we recorded another great up tempo song, me and Niclas=) Tomorrow I´m heading back for some more recording.

As you have seen I have put out a lot of clothes and stuff in my store and its really nice to clean my closet and every time I sell something to another person I am happy that clothes I have loved will be loved by another one and not just tossed in the garbage.

Vintage and second hand shopping is something we all should do more of since its better for the environment and I am also doing this kind of shopping. I sell and buy stuff through a great site called VESTIARE collective so go check out my stuff there too=)

Click the photo or below link to come to my seller site=)

Happy shopping!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sorry for my abscence

Hey sweeties,

Sorry for the bad blogging but I´ve just forgotten=)

Well, news about my album with Jani hitting the streets next year is that I´ve gotten some songs and it sounds so promising! Jani sure knows how to write songs!

Tonight I´m hitting the studio to start working on them and feel them out=)

The songs are both heavy metal ones mixed with some easier rock songs and I must say there are pure elements from both Janis Sonata-times and my NW-times so if you like those bands you´ll probably like this album!

Love and light,