Friday, February 27, 2015

And here it is finally - my new video for SHINE

So happy to share it with you and so proud of me and Raimo Gedda for doing this and all filmed in Helsingborg=)

Single will be out next friday March 6th and here´s the single cover=)

ENJOY the video and SPREAD it everywhere!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

And here´s all the songs we´re gonna perform in the first show of TÄHDET TÄHDET

this sunday=)

I chose BACKSTREET BOYS cause I just love them=)

And the song is great and the video too=)

See it sunday in MTV3 here in Finland or in the web!

SHINE single and VIDEO will be out this FRIDAY!!!

So don't forget to write down it in your calendars!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

And here´s the set list and some photos=)

We had such a BLAST and I am SO happy with my new guys, they are so good players and damn, they are rocking´ the stage with me! Big difference in the stage show and I got to hear that from several in the audience too who saw my former shows so a great and BIG step up and Axl, Joacim and Johnny are gonna rock with me A LOT!=)

Here´s the set list;

And some photos;

Photo taken by Tiia Santavirta

My outfit was: leather shorts from Studiostilista, belt H&M, top from Ruderiders (Cirkus store in Helsingborg) and boots Zara

Photo taken by Tiia Santavirta

Photo taken by Tiia Santavirta

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen

Photos taken by Antero Alhonen

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen

Review in SEISKA from last nights gig in VIRGIN OIL=)

Monday, February 16, 2015

See me draw my own stage person in Rumba=)

Here you can watch me making a painting of me as how I see my stage persona=) In finnish but the video is without words so go watch me draw=)

And don't forget to come to Virgin Oil this friday seeing me, Axl, Joacim and Benson rock my album and some other songs! Support act is Shiraz lane, a cool and young rock band from Finland!


Friday, February 13, 2015

And here´s a interview for the coming tv show TÄHDET TÄHDET

Here I talk about my feelings to sing opera, sing in Finnish, dance and so on… a nice and fun interview!


New interview with me here=)

Here´s a new interview I did for

Click on the picture to go to the site=)


Monday, February 09, 2015

Lovely new items added in my vintage store

Go check them out and now its easier to find stuff in the store since I have a great search button and all clothes are labelled with blouse, dresses, top, cardigan, pants and so on so you can go far back and look  also on older unsold items!

Happy shopping!

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Second day of video recording done and its a wrap!

The second day of filming my video for SHINE is done and now I leave it to Raimo at PHOTO BY GEDDA to check the material and make his magic=) 

Today we were in Råådalen outside Helsingborg and what a lovely day! The forest showed itself with such colors so it was a pleasure to be there and sing SHINE=) One guy who tried to get some fishes in the stream got a bit irritated of my singing and scaring his fish away but well, I hope the fish were happy for that, haha!

We were gonna have a scene with me and my children but unfortunately Nemo fell from our coach today and hurt his knee bad so couldn't do that. But thats life, the video will be great still=)
So soon we´ll see the result and I can't wait!

Early morning and on my way to Linda to make my hair=) My make up is done by me and I just love my  new pink Lancome lipstick=)

Today we did a different hair style and made it straight and then Linda made a lovely half up do with the front hair. Love it! Thanks my dear Linda at ROOTS salon for all help=)

My ear rings made the look perfect and today I had on white clothes from Studio stilista and leopard loafers from RIKA studios=)

The first shot we did in Råådalen outside Helsingborg and it was just so perfect sky and water and the trees even had green moss on them so spring may come soon…=)

And once again Raimo and dear Sanna had a great mood and made the day so easy=)

Outfit: pants and knit MbyMe from Studio stilista, leopard shoes RIKA studios also from Studio Stilista and black shearling jacket from PREEN. ear rings Gina Tricot

Love this photo and the colors=)

 And this one from yesterday too. Thanks dear Raimo for such lovely photos!

Saturday, February 07, 2015

And some more photos from today=)

All taken by Raimo at PHOTO BY GEDDA=)

First day of video shooting is done=)

And we had a very stormy day to work in but nature is just so stunning that it can not be defeated so we had to go with it and except from freezing my feet off it was such a great afternoon. This video is made with my old friend Raimo who has a great photography company called PHOTO BY GEDDA

His lovely wife Sanna assisted us all day and we had a blast!

Tomorrow we´ll do some more and also some shots with my kids=)

But tonight its the first Eurovision song contest evening here in Sweden and we´ll watch it of course!

For those who like metal, Elize Ryd from Amaranthe will be competing tonight=)

Here´s some photos from today:

You all know my dear hair stylist LINDA since before and she fixed my hair so lovely as always=) You find her at the salon called ROOTS in Helsingborg=)

Me and Raimo before we started shooting at the first location which was in Pålsjö skog, our lovely forest in the middle of Helsingborg=)

A little warming up in the car in between takes and powdering my nose=)

At the lovely cross at the cemetery called Pålsjö kyrkogård in Helsingborg where we shot at two locations=)

I had to change outfits and used a toilet in the forest=) Cant be to fancy here, haha!

Last location for the day was by the sea in Helsingborg at Vikingstrand and it was a real storm so we had some problems with my hair and hat and the waves were almost hitting me=) But fun!

Dear Sanna and Raimo freezing but keeping the spirits up all day=)

And we took some still photos too while we were at it=)

This was a funny one where I just had to copy the "metal" pose so many metal singers use…haha! Love my expression=)

Today we start filming my new video=)

Oh what a lovely day! Today I am so happy and excited cause me and my old dear friend Raimo, who nowadays is a great photographer and also have made some band videos, are gonna make new little video for my favourite song SHINE=)

So happy and this time it will be recorded in Helsingborg and the beautiful sceneries of our city and nature and my kids will also be there for some shots.

SHINE is a positive song with a very important message and today I want you to think of this and especially to people who are going through bullying and others people being mean and disrespectful to you:

Forgive the unkind - so bitter and envy
No LIGHT in their day - blackening lies
Shine bright - see all YOUR glory
No need to CRY - stand strong and you´ll FLY!

SO SHINE and lift your HEAD HIGH
Hold - you´ll never be LONELY
cause LIFE is ALL that you NEED

Be respectful to others and treat others as you want to be treated. 

Karma is a bitch, remember that=)


Tuesday, February 03, 2015

New lovely hair on today from RAPUNZEL of SWEDEN=)

Hi all,

Today I´ve been in Malmö at RAPUNZEL OF SWEDEN all day to exchange my extensions and color my hair blonder and now its so beautiful thanks to Alexandra and Rapunzel=)

And as you can see my hair is in perfect shape even after having had extensions on for 3 months so if you go to professionals who know extensions, like Rapunzel do, your hair will not have any harm and will grow healthy=)

If you want clip-ons for a party or extensions go check their website to see all their lovely hair!

Have fun!

Monday, February 02, 2015

New items in my vintage shop!

Go check them out=)

Family sunday=)

Hi all and happy monday=)

Hope your weekend has been wonderful as mine has=)

I´ve been with my family and thats the best thing I know to charge my batteries and see what´s most important in life.

It snowed all day but we were out for hours and my feet were sooooo cold when we came back but it was still nice to get so much fresh air and see the kids being happy!

Today me, Mio and Nemo are having a day at home since their pre-school is closed due to staff planning day so we´re gonna go out in the snow to play later on. I really don't like the snow and want spring so must say it s-cks this weather change but what to do? Can´t sit inside and hide, can I?=)

ENJOY your day!