Wednesday, February 25, 2015

And here´s all the songs we´re gonna perform in the first show of TÄHDET TÄHDET

this sunday=)

I chose BACKSTREET BOYS cause I just love them=)

And the song is great and the video too=)

See it sunday in MTV3 here in Finland or in the web!


Pascal said...

Hi Anette!

Normally I had planned that when I comment here the next time I would congrat you to living in Finland now for a while and to say that I´m looking forward to the single and video (which I do), but at the moment I don´t know how to talk about those things, because I´m really, really upset and shocked about what happened and I guess you can imagine that I refer to the discussion in the blog post from friday 13th.

I really don´t understand what is going on. And I´m so sorry that there is now arguing and so on in your blog, I didn´t want this, but nevertheless I feel guilty. If I only had shut up... but I didn´t want to insult anyone or make anyone furious with my comments, but apparently it happened. I´m so sorry for that, I try to put nice things into here and not giving negativity a chance, but at the moment this goes wrong.

Anette, I really hope that you know I didn´t want to attack someone or to make someone looking bad. This is not my kind, I don´t do things like that and none of what I said was meant to do so. I also don´t write my comments to impress you or to „kiss ass“, I write it all because I really love writing here, because I like you and I mean my words honestly and I only hope you know that.

I don´t know why this is going on, but it seems I made a mistake and I feel really bad now and I just hope that everything is alright...

I wish you a good night and hopefully you at least have a good time :).

Lots of hugs and love!

Anonymous said...

Hi again, Pascal!

I'm not going to attack you. Though you need to listen VERY carefully.

( I felt I needed to post this in this post also as the issue has been continued in this post )

You can't say that my way of communicating with you was inappropriate or really insulting. This is due to the fact that YOUR way of communicating with/referring to me was inappropriate and very insulting to begin with.

It doesn't matter how you try to dress it up, you were calling me childish which I wasn't been ( you were referring to the post were I announced I was leaving ). With hindsight I overreacted a bit as I've explained to Anette. And childish is a harsh word Pascal, especially if it's the wrong choice of word to describe something.

As well as calling me childish, while you're referring to me when you go on about 'the way he treats you which is really not nice' what you were saying Pascal is that I treat Anette badly or abusively. Therefore Pascal you were calling me an immoral person. Which I'm not.

Just for the record I do not mistreat Anette! I've never been anything but nice to her and so supportive of her too. Anette knows that and so do you Pascal.

Regarding your post from 2 years ago, the reason I brought it up at the time ( earlier this month ) is because you accused me of not being nice to Anette when I initially thought she was mistreating me. So it was in my defence that I reminded you of the time you were in similar shoes 2 years ago when you thought Anette was mistreating you, only I never attempted to condescend you, which I also told you NOT to do that.

And ok, I'm going to accept that you weren't trying to make me look bad to Anette. Though when you speak of me in the ways that you have done, can you really blame me for thinking that? Especially when you add that you're pleased I'm leaving.

Sometimes Pascal, I see Anette has issues with other people in her blog, on her Instagram, maybe her Facebook. Sometimes people don't agree/disapprove of something she's said or done, or sometimes people are just rude to her. And do you know what I do? I STAY OUT OF IT! This is my choice though and you may feel differently Pascal which is absolutely fine, nothing wrong with that. Though if you are going to get involved Pascal you need to THINK VERY CAREFFULLY about what you say, how you say it, and how you go about it. Your first post ( Fri Feb, 13th ) was actually very good. However, your 2nd post regarding all this and you start to slip up. And the 3rd & 4th were disasters.

When you say you've never had an issue with me in person and you don't wish this to come up now, well Pascal, I'm alright with anyone...unless I think you're fucking me about. I'm actually a sensitive poet in disguise and if you ever meet me, even though I'm actually very quiet, after a while you'll find that I'm one of the nicest people you'll ever meet in your entire life.

And as for the remark about kissing ass, that arose from your closing comments 'whatever happens, I'll always be there and will never stop following you'. What you've got to bear in mind Pascal is that this was said by you immediately after you'd got really insulting with me, so that's why I picked up on it. I didn't mean it generally.

So just forget about the remark. I know the words you say to Anette are honest and I can think of much worse ways for young men to speak. Carry on as you are. Forget the remark! Just shake it off as Taylor Swift would say! :-)

Take care!

Pascal said...

Hi Tom!

Thanks for this comment that I really appreciate. It´s nice that we seem to find common ground and I have recognized my mistakes and go along with a lot of points you say in this one. I want to respond to some things in order to sort those out and I hope that there´s no further issue´then between us :).

When I said that your way of talking to me was inappropriate or insulting, I must admit I didn´t point it out well enough: It was not the entire comment I meant, the particular thing that had hit me was the last sentence, where you said that I should fill the hole in my head with some brain or something like that. Maybe it wasn´t your intention, but I read it as through you wanted to implicate that I´m dumb. And I really don´t want to seem arrogant now, I have, as everyone, my vices and my mistakes, for sure, but I don´t think that stupidity is among them. If so, good to know, then I can throw over my studying plans :D. No, maybe I exaggerated again at this point. I don´t blame you for that, only that you understand what I meant with inappropriate.

I can only say sorry again for the „childish“ thing. I really didn´t mean you as person as I explained, but ok, you felt insulted by it and it´s true I should have avoided this word. Sorry for that!

The next is that you thought I was pleased about your leaving. I really wasn´t and have never said anything like that. I´m sorry if it seemed so, but please don´t you think I was happy that you would go. I actually always liked reading your comments in here.

It´s really like that, I have a problem in shutting up when I see that someone is offending Anette or, as it was the case here after all, I just get the impression it´s like that. Even when I know she can handle those things. And when I offended you, I also then thought like „Pascal, what have you done? Anette has already answered to him and furthermore, it´s not even such a heavy thing, so stepping in was quite redundant“. I agree with you that I must be more careful in what I say and how I say things. I think we are here on this world to learn things also from each other and when I can learn this from the thing here, then it´s a benefit.

As I´m not a native speaker in English as you are, from what I know (I think you once wrote you are from the UK), I must say I don´t understand some things. One is the word you use often, that I shall not „condescend“ you. I looked it up on google, but it tells me that condescending someone means something like being nice and friendly. Maybe that´s a google mistake, because if it meant that, we would never have argued :D. Then I didn´t understand the construction „I think you're fucking me about“ and google didn´t deliver anything. All I can say on that is that I really don´ want to have issues with anyone, also not with you. Maybe I went about things wrong. Now I´m wiser from that all I think and will, as you said, be more careful.

I hope you understand my points, as I understand yours and that there is no more need to argue. I hope we have sorted out things now and I don´t know your plans whether you want to leave the blog for a while as you have said or not, but I think it would be nice if you stood. Otherwise I really wish you that you can deal with all your problems and that you´ll do better when you come back in time. I haven´t known about the disorders and so on you mentioned and I´m sorry for them. If I had known, I would have reacted differently. But as I said, life is a process of learning :). You take also good care!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pascal!

I don't actually want to fight or argue with anyone. I'd have left the blog a short while back. The only reason I'm still here is until our little situation has played itself out ( I think it's just about run it's course ).

I've got no objections to anything you've said during your post, and thank you, I'm pleased to hear you like reading my posts ( on a normal day ). And I will be back sometime in the future.

Just one thing though, and I'm going to get this out of the way now, during the final two sentences of your post where you say 'you'd have reacted differently if you'd known about my disorders ( you're obviously referring to my dyslexia type ) and so on'. Please don't say this because it sounds as though you're trying to excuse yourself, despite saying that you recognise your mistakes. It also sounds like your trying to suggest I'm not with it.

Like you Pascal, I've also got my vices and my mistakes, and I can tell you with CERTAINTY that stupidity is definitely NOT among them.

And no, I don't think you're dumb Pascal. Though you weren't being smart while you were saying those insulting things about me to Anette. That's the reason I made the brains comment.

And Pascal, I AM arrogant. You were on the wrong track. I'm the one who's lifted you from that track and dropped you onto the correct one :-D

And I actually do understand your problem about shutting up. This is because my late dad had a similar problem. The bottom line Pascal is that what you are actually doing is jumping into somebodies grievance/argument, and this can cause complications. I know what I said about thinking more carefully about how you're going to approach it should you decided to intervene. Though how about trying to stay out of it? I've seen Anette in action and she's perfectly capable of fighting her own battle and she does it well, skilfully thwacking her battle axe in with good effect :-)

I think I once read that your study plans were to become a teacher? If so that's excellent! My parents were teachers. Plus, I once dated a teacher many moons ago :-) A female one in case you were wondering :-)

And there must be something wrong with the German Google :-) Condescend means to act in a superior way to someone else. In England it does anyway :-)

Language is strange, sometimes she's kind, and sometimes she's hard. But she is my mistress! :-)

Take care! :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Tom!

Good to see that, I think the most important issues are sorted out and we understand each other better :).

That´s really nice and to leave no misunderstandings, sorry that my sentence („If I had known...) sounded like I wanted to defend myself. That was never the point, as I said I know that it would have been better to react differently and that I accept my part of doing it the wrong way.

Well, yes I still consider the teaching thing and think about that. But it´s not so easy, many people say that nowadays it´s difficult to get a job as a teacher. But others also say that´s important to do what we really want to and not listening so much to predictions and so on. But the study I have in mind at the moment is quite varied anyways and leads to different opportunities. I´ll listen to my inner voice and I´m optimistic that it will tell me soon enough what is the right way for me :).

you take care too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pascal! :-)

I've also heard it's hard to get a job as a teacher ( a former female colleague of mine went to university to train to be a teacher, she graduated, and last I heard she's never had a job as a teacher, she's employed instead as a classroom assistant ).

However, don't let that put you off! :-)

If you really want to be a teacher ( or anything else ) then GO FOR IT! :-)

Perhaps you might find it difficult to get a job in that area once you're qualified but if you're KEEN and ENTHUSTIASTIC and ALWAYS give it 110% then at some point you'll land a post as a teacher! :-)


I know I don't know you personally Pascal but the vibe I've picked up from reading some of your previous posts is that perhaps you don't have much SELF-BELIEF :-) All I can say is that whatever it is that you're doing, if you know YOU CAN DO IT, then just try having a bit of SELF-CONFIDENCE Pascal! :-)

Look after yourself! :-) See you in the future! :-)

Pascal said...

Hi Tom!

Thanks a lot for your encouraging words :). And it´s true, self - confidence is something I still lack of sometimes. It has gotten better within the years, but sometimes I would need more. But I´m working on this and I´m sure I will get more of it :).

Take also good care and see you!