Saturday, February 21, 2015

And here´s the set list and some photos=)

We had such a BLAST and I am SO happy with my new guys, they are so good players and damn, they are rocking´ the stage with me! Big difference in the stage show and I got to hear that from several in the audience too who saw my former shows so a great and BIG step up and Axl, Joacim and Johnny are gonna rock with me A LOT!=)

Here´s the set list;

And some photos;

Photo taken by Tiia Santavirta

My outfit was: leather shorts from Studiostilista, belt H&M, top from Ruderiders (Cirkus store in Helsingborg) and boots Zara

Photo taken by Tiia Santavirta

Photo taken by Tiia Santavirta

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen

Photos taken by Antero Alhonen

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen

Photo taken by Antero Alhonen


Hep-Hep Steff said...

wow, it seems it was a great show! i wish one day you'll be able to come in france, i'd love to see you on stage...
kisses & hugs <3

Karin said...

I look at those pics over and over again ... :)
So great !!!!

Pascal said...

Hej Anette and WELCOME BACK :). So glad that all went well and that you had a nice gig!

All those pictures tell that it was a fantastic gig and I´m really happy for you that you had such a nice time :). But it makes me sad that I couldn´t be there. To each gig you played so far I wished to go, but it didn´t work in the end. Maybe the next time, I really hope so!

Thanks for sharing this lovely pictures and now have a very nice sunday. And on your instagram I read that today will get to see you video for „Shine“. Have fun on that, I´m sure it will be wonderful :).

Lots of hugs and love to you!

TheDeadUnicorn said...

You looked great!And you seem to be having such fun!The crowd,too.It's amazing!Ahhh.

pm6057 said...

So happy for you. I live in Philadelphia Pa. In the US. I am going to start requesting Shine on local radio stations. I think the song will do well here

eliete said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures, it seem you had a great time. Hope we can watch videos of that show.

Big Love!


Unknown said...

Anette ... is that one day his Brazilian fans will have the joy to see you sing that good energy ?! the photos looked great! My wish is that you make all the success in the world, kisses and hugs in his heart for all your family and band ... their happiness is our happiness

BellaTwilight said...

Dear Anette i'm not arguing and not complaining . the thing is it i just want to lose weight's but at some points of view i can't ignore the reasons of my own . i mean how is it possible that i am feeling sad in this world , because of an angry people i live with it evermyday complaining about my feelings and arguing time.... with me just because i have to lose weights.:( sorry that's not seems to look good with me because i feel shy and not happy with me at this , i'm not angry and that their reason because it's a lie ...... i like you a lot , and i respect your music i often beg to other's because thei're just looking for a fight with me .... i don't like thei're ideas of it .:( suddenly . sorry then i hope i had have a better feelings everyday , but then i hear about kids and things and thought's like that .i should ignore them. i don't like them..... like i said before, nowbody's perfect .... sorry . Have a safe night . I hope you feel good . i will be happy to hear from your music is because ilike it .^_^ thanks a lot for....

Yanna said...

You look so gorgeous on those pictures !
And you seem to have some much fun :) It's great to see you on stage. I hope one day I'll have this opportunity :)

matotu said...

I'm really happy for you. It all looks amazing. :-) I would love to visit your concert but I live in Czechia.
Love and hugs,