Saturday, February 21, 2015

Review in SEISKA from last nights gig in VIRGIN OIL=)


Karin said...

Antero has written so nice about the gig. And sure , it is nice because it is the truth ! There was such a great feeling in the air there. You really sounded better than ever, your boys were so rock'n'roll, sweet, happy, pros at the same time :) Really Anette ; your stage presence was just awesome! You looked good, happy, relaxed, and your singing ; wow !
See you on tv next :)

Kram, Karin

Anonymous said...

you look so happy
Nightwish didnt know what or who they lost... you are the BEST! i love your voice

Unknown said...

Karin: Kiitos sweetie=) I really loved it! Yes, I was a bit nervous but you in the audience rocked so hard and my boys are sooo cool and great on stage=) Loved it! Now more gigs cause we need to play again!=) love and hugs!

Pullapaakari: Kiitos sweetie=) Well now you can hear me sing NW without NW, thats a treat=) haha! Love and hugs!

Henk said...

I wish I wasn't there! Set list is amazing. Great to see some Nightwish songs:) And please, share some videos from the show, if you have it

Anonymous said...

and now i can watch and hear you singing in tähdet tähdet, you will win, that is so sure : )